The Most Vital Step in Preparing for Ramadan

We are in the month of Shaban. Ramadan-ul-Mubarak is approaching…

According to the famous Hadith from Bukhari & Muslim, glad tidings of forgiveness and salvation have been announced for the ones who would fast with Imaan and Ihtisaab (hope of reward).

May Allah bless us with life and health (that allow us to attain all His blessings)! At every step of this worldly life, a believer will be enthusiastic, determined, and striving in search of development in faith and actions; it is quite obvious. InshaAllah every one of us would fast with more sincerity and accomplish good actions. InshaAllah, our little righteous efforts will be the cause of success (in both the life)!

“I would undertake the hardship to take care and accomplish a lot more supererogatory worship if Allah grants me this Ramadan” is a good thought and intention in all respect. Even better is the tendency and effort to purify ourselves, i.e. the pursuit of freeing oneself from sin as much as possible. This is the main urge, teaching, and specialty of Ramadan (see: Surah Baqara 183). If there is a lot of supererogatory worship, but the disobedience of Allah does not cease – it means that I am trying to please my Lord but on the way of rearing His displeasure! Just think..how are these two opposing actions possible to bring in success?!

So from now on, if we can renounce sins and enter Ramadan through repentance and forgiveness, it would be wise and prudent. InshaAllah, Ramadan will be a month of taqwa for us, the blessings of the month will be attained. Consequently, even greater blessings would be attained, InshaAllah! That is, it will be easier to lead a sin-free life and become aware of divine disobedience throughout the rest of our life. Such a Ramadan will be enough for eternal salvation InshaAllah!

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