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Hajj: Part 5

We should not hold on any negative thoughts regarding Hajj; neither should we pay heed to people who discuss so nor should we discuss such matters. Shaytan tries to spoil our good deeds in many ways. People go to Hajj with great sacrifice and zeal; shaytan tries utmost to make them impatient and focuses on discomfort and difficulties. Every one of us should be careful regarding any utterance of complaint throughout this sacred journey. We seek Allah’s refuge on this regard.

When we undertake any journey and stay in a strange place, there is naturally some hardship. However, we always focus on our objective and gain; the hardship and pain is undertaken happily if our objective is fulfilled. In Hajj, we should focus on the achievement of Allah’s love and pleasure, we should focus on the rewards, in every step there is benefit for us in this world and in the eternal afterlife. A believer feels immensely delighted to be present in Allah’s court seeing and roaming Baitullah and visiting the amazing signs of Allah and His Beloved Rasulullah’s ﷺ residing places and memories.

Being Allah’s guest we should keep full hope that Allah Taala will help me at every step. Every year there are so many old people doing Hajj gladly and with great zeal, which is unimaginable and wonderful; the love of Allah has made everything easy for them. Any one with positive notion will be successful inshaAllah. What is there to fear where Allah Himself is the Host!

Some difficulties which we may face because of a large gathering, will remove our sins and make us pure InshaAllah. That is such an opportunity to be freed from impurity and sins, which might never ever come in our life again! A time, a place, a situation – all together is so full of blessing that might never ever come into our life for a second time before leaving the world. Therefore, a believer should value his presence there with great hope to be forgiven then and there, because Allah Taala has chosen his servant for Hajj and there is every hope that His Mercy will be bestowed upon the servant and all his sins will be forgiven too!

There will be 2.5 to 3 million Haji at one point of time in Makkah within a few kilometers – they will all be the guests of Allah! No strength or power of this world can gather so many people at such space and time ever! Allah Taala makes every thing available for them; there is no scarcity of food, water or any requirement whatsoever. Allah’s arrangement is indeed wonderful!

Every one should keep himself engaged in ibadat – dua and zikr. The traffic, the waiting, the little inconveniences should be managed happily and very positively – the remembrance of Allah, gratitude of His gifts and bounties to us will make situations and things easier and pleasing. Contemplate on the Hadith, which informs us that Allah Taala is with his servant’s notion; positive notions toward Allah will bring in good results. We should ponder on and look hundreds and thousand years back, when people performed Hajj with great difficulty – travelling hundreds and thousands of miles on foot! Comparing to those times, today we have great ease and comfort no doubt. May Allah Taala accept and ease our Hajj! Aameen.

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