Ramadan is the Means to Eternal Salvation

Who among us is not a sinner? Who among us has achieved eternal salvation from hellfire (Jahannam)?!

Allah Almighty has given the Ummah of Beloved Prophet ﷺ all the opportunities so that they can save them from the hell forever with minimal effort. Read and contemplate over the following hadith:

Allah Almighty frees people from hell at Iftar everyday

Saiyeduna Jabir radiallahu anhu reports that beloved Prophet ﷺ said (meaning): At every iftar [during Ramadan], Allah Almighty emancipates from Jahannam (the Hellfire) and this is every night. Ibne Majah

No believer can pass a day of his life without Tauba (repentance) and Istegfar (seeking forgiveness). In our every prayer (salat/namaz), just as we had been taught to seek guidance (hidayat), it has also been taught to seek forgiveness. There is Hadith which also gives us glad tidings of forgiveness (for our sins) through prayer (although major sins require sincere Tauba to be forgiven). Essentially, the effort to be cleansed from sin is a daily-act of a believer, rather a regular pursuit throughout life.

Ramadan is not only a means to emancipate sins, but also a means to get saved from the hellfire (Jahannam) forever! Therefore, to what an extent should we value the holy month of Ramadan?!

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