The cause of anger Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Abu Huraira رضي الله عنه narrated Prophet ﷺ said [meaning]: Sometimes I intend that I should command some young some to collect a bundle of sticks for me and I should then go to the people who offer prayers in their houses without any illness and burn their houses. Muslim

Haste toward Good Actions: Do not procrastinate in doing Tauba

Remember the Hadith? Ibn Abbas (radiallahu anhu) reported: Beloved Prophet ﷺ said (meaning): Take advantage of five before five: your

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An Easy and Effective way to build up Good Relationship with Allah

The pious scholars say that to converse with Allah (speak with your Lord) in solitude (private) is an easy way

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A Short & Regular Checklist for Self-evaluation and reformation

These are a few but the most important actions every Muslims should practice regularly: Attend Deeni/religious gatherings and site with

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