Wrongful roles and status attributed to Women: Its shocking consequences: Part 1

Mankind is the best of Allah سبحانه و تعالى’s creations. Allah سبحانه و تعالى has created both man and woman with His Might and on earth they dwell together. Their opposite gender-type necessitates certain set of rules and way of living which the Creator alone is sufficient to understand and address. He certainly has sent down His rulings and commandments through His Messengers! But we, the human-beings, transgress His supreme commands and pursue to find comfort and peace in our way of living; this is for our short-sightedness and arrogance. However, “our ways” have never found peace and never will those be able to find.

Man and woman have been created with varied physical and mental characteristic. Both are human-being but are different in appearance, structure and nature. Women are softer and weaker, but men are tougher and stronger. Women gives birth to child, but man do not. Both the internal and external structure of man and woman vary in many aspects.

The Creator of human beings has full knowledge regarding the needs and attributes of the two genders. Physicians and psychologist possess very limited knowledge regarding human beings. However, with this limited knowledge they had already identified and recognized several varied physical issues, behavioral patterns, nature and sexual desires of the two. As Allah سبحانه و تعالى is the Creator, His knowledge is complete and absolute. His commands regarding every matter are also complete and absolute. Therefore, the rulings of Islam, which are based on Holy Qur’an and Hadith are beyond dispute. When the Creator has assigned something to men and not to women that is His will and command. If He has assigned something to women and not to men that is also His will and command. Who is there to question Him regarding these matters?!

When the non-believers (kafir) raise questions on the verses of Qur’an or Hadith it is not at all surprising; it is due to their own belief they turn away from Islam; they hold their opinions and knowledge superior. However, when a responsible Muslim, for instance, a leader of a Muslim family teaches and inspires his subordinate members the roles and status contrary to Qur’an and Hadith, his doing is an alarming and appalling one. In present days, so far has the leader of a Muslim family (usually a father) moved away from Islam’s fundamental teachings and started wrongly advising and guiding his family members, that there is very little or almost no difference between a non-believer’s and the (so called?) Muslim’s leadership role in a family. Let us, the Muslim father or leader of a family, admit his fault and take this blame positively. Because it is easy to admit such a fault in this world where sit is also possible to take necessary corrective actions (انشأ الله, if Allah wills). At least it is possible to do some extent of Tawba, if full is not at all possible (Allah’s mercy would also count that too.) . To be continued انشأ الله

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