Akhlaq-Self ReformationRamadan

Comeback through Sincere Repentance

Another Ramadan is leaving our life. We do not know who among us may never ever get Ramadan back again. Those who could value and care about the moments of this Holy Month are indeed fortunate; those who neglected, wasted the chances are indeed unfortunate. But wait! No one should despair!

Man has limitations, mistakes and he indulges in sins. It is obvious. But the point is, how man makes efforts to obey and carry on the supreme commandments. A baby who only crawls doesn’t get any praise, but a baby who makes efforts to stand and walk, though being a failure to do so, is applauded. Similarly, a man, be how weak, poor, ill or old, his efforts on the path of Allah Taala is worthy. This worth may be inconceivable today, but there is a time coming when there would be a vivid vision of its reality. All people, taking up good or evil today, will equally witness the fact. The test of this world would have been over by the time and that is a time which has been mentioned in the Quran as Yawmuddeen (The Judgment Day), Yawmul-fasl (The Day of Verdict) etc. No chances to ‘make a comeback’ to this world will be possible. Today, for the living people it is still a great opportunity! They cannot rewind the time, they cannot go back to the past and restore to a previous state by turning back the clock of life, but they still have a ‘marvelous key’ to recompense! This ‘key’ is certainly such a doorway that an extremely broken heart, a person at a total loss – at once finds a way out from a hopeless life. For every human being, this chance is one that can save him from the most frustrating break down at any point of life and regain life. And yes, it should be perceived well that there is no strength among the creations to save a man at such extreme downfalls of life. Even a man is saved by another, that safety has limitations. A man – say of 80 years, for instance, by any means has spoiled & wasted away his entire life and today at this old age he realized the spoilage. How could the rest of mankind save him? How could anyone on this earth show him a way that would make compensation for his past wrongdoing? It is simply impossible!

Only the Creator and Controller of the universe has provided man with a chance of a comeback; because indeed He holds every power to solve any problem. Allah Taala says,

Meaning: Say (on My behalf), “O servants of Mine who have acted recklessly against their own selves, do not despair of Allah’s mercy. Surely, Allah will forgive all sins. Surely, He is the One who is the Most-Forgiving, the Very-Merciful. Turn passionately towards your Lord, and submit to Him before the punishment comes to you, after which you will not be helped. [Sura Zumar: 53-54]

And see in what a fashionable way Allah Taala continues (following verses):

Meaning: And follow the best of what has been sent down to you from your Lord before the punishment comes to you suddenly when you do not even expect, lest someone should say, “Pity on me, because I fell short in respect of (observing the rights of) Allah and in fact, I was one of those who mocked”, [Sura Zumar: 53-54]

Let us all make Tawba today and cleanse us from all sins; our task is to make some effort and Allah Taala does all the rest. Eid Night should be passed on through Ibadat as Hadith bears good news for those who worship in the Eid Nights. The Eid Night is named “The Night of Reward”. If we as sinners lift hands at this holy night, there is hope that with the pious people, Allah Taala would also bestow us His blessings and rewards! Allah Taala is the Most Benevolent and Most Merciful! His Kindness has no limits.

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