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Make a Comeback: Greatest Sign of Allah in front of us

It is definite and certain that man will die. Allah Taala is the Sole Creator of this Universe and the Creator of each and every being and thing of this Universe. There is No Deity, which can be in any terms be compared to Him. He is the Most Powerful doesn’t even mean that there is someone or something powerful or more powerful before or after Him. His Might, Power, Strength or Ability has no Limit! He was Alone, is Alone and will be Alone with All His Might and Power! All are His creations. All rely on Him – in all ways and aspects. He can save someone; It is He, Who can put someone into trouble. He is Not to blame for any of His Work – there is no question of questioning why He did, does or will do so and so(?) He does whatever He wishes and whenever or however He wishes. He has all Wisdom and Knowledge. Allah Tala created everything of this Universe with an objective. The whole creation will one day be shattered by His Command. We, all the human beings, will have to stand in front of Him – the Lord and Master of this Universe – Our Creator and Sustainer – Allah Taala. Allah Taala had Blessed us abundantly by providing us with ample guidance through Quran and His Messenger. If we do not make time to know the objective of life and move ourselves forward to take guidance from Our Lord’s Direction, we will earn great loss and suffer forever!

Remember! This life of the world is the life of test. As you sow so you reap. If today a man is only striving to make this worldly life beautiful and peaceful, he is in great deception. The life after death is coming and it is definitely true! There will be reward or punishment depending on our doings in this world. We can’t see that there is a life after death! And that we can after dying! But testifying it in such a way would be at much a higher price! Don’t dare to do that! Believe in what the Messenger of Allah has said. Accomplish deeds accordingly and that only can make you successful.

The friends of this world had spent this worldly life in a carefree way! They have ignored and mocked at the advice of Prophets (AM). They (the lovers of this world) thought they will never be resurrected after death. They taught that this worldly life is the only life and that’s all. They have challenged their Creator! They have gone astray and died a death of disgrace. Now their names are recorded in history with curse and hatred. All the enemies of Allah Taala will be cursed and humiliated in this life and in the afterlife forever.

Be wise! See today – which of your works had been done to satisfy your Lord? How much close have you moved forward towards Him? Those worldly affairs, which do not provide you time to remember Allah Taala, works which do not provide you time to recite your Lord’s Words (the Quran), tasks and assignments which keep you busy at work during Azan – how can these things lead you towards a peaceful life?

Could ever such happen that people would earn money, fame and property by disobeying Allah Taala’s Commands and Allah Taala would fill their hearts with happiness and peace? Never my dear friend! Never think and believe so! The wrath of Allah Taala (may He save me, you and the Ummah) will come through the roads of these means to the disobedient and transgressors who make this life their objective and goal.

The Messenger of Allah Tala has left this world. But he had left with us the Greatest Sign of Allah Taala! And that is the Quran. The Quran consists of the words of Allah Taala. Quran is the Light of Righteous Path. Read it! Ponder on it! Seek the Support of Allah Taala! He is ever Forgiving and the Best Guide!

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