Tawba Elevates Rank

A butcher got attracted to a woman. She was a maid at his neighbor’s house. One day the woman had to go far away for some work. The butcher followed her and when he found the woman in a lonely place, proposed love. The woman said to him, “I love you many times more than you love me, however, I fear Allah and cannot accept any illegal offer.”

Hearing this the butcher became surprised. The words of the pious woman affected him highly. His ignominious attitude changed. He performed Tawba from all such acts. He immediately left her. In the meantime, he became very thirsty. The sun was scorching. It was terribly hot. There was no water around. The butcher was afflicted intensely by the thirst – not a drop of water anywhere.

At that time there was a pious man passing by. The butcher told the pious man about his suffering. The pious man said, “Let’s do a Dua that until we reach a suitable place and get water, Allah may bless us with a piece of cloud over our heads, which would shelter us from the hot sun.” The butcher agreed but said, “I had never accomplished any good deed. My supplication won’t work, therefore, you pray.” The pious said, “Well fine, but you at least say ‘ameen’ when I do Dua.” The butcher agreed. The pious did Dua; the butcher uttered ‘ameen’ in response. No sooner had their Dua finished than a cloud appeared over their head and made them cool. Now the pious man and the butcher started walking. The cloud remained over their heads throughout their path and kept them cool.

After they had reached a suitable place, the two were parting. The cloud now took the way of the butcher and remained over his head. Seeing this, the pious asked him, “You were telling me that you had no good deeds, but the cloud is with you and it proves that the cloud had actually appeared for your sake! I believe that there must be some good deed through which you had attained the proximity of Allah. Do tell me so!”

The butcher related to the pious man the incident which made him turn to Allah. The pious said to him, “Yes, it is through Tawba you had attained this honor.”

from: Nujhatul Basatin

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