Pure Tawba

Tawba is the first step for a Spiritual Aspirant – Traveler on the Path of Allah Taala. Thus we felt important to depict what Tawba-tun-Nasuha (Pure Repentance) is:

Allah Taala states: “O The Believers! Repent towards Allah Taala with Tawba-tun-Nasuha (Pure Repentance). It is expected that your Lord would eradicate all your sins and place you in Jannah, underneath of which river flows.” Sura Tahreem: 08

In the Verse good news and salvation had been promised for Tawba-tun-Nasuha.

According to Hazrat Hasan Basri (R), to repent for past sins and pledge not to repeat those in future is Tawba-tun-Nasuha. Hazrat Qalbi (R) states:Tawba-tun-Nasuha is seek forgiveness orally, repent by heart and refrain the limbs from those sins in future. (Maariful Qur’an)

My dear friends! There is a great news regarding Tawba, which many people don’t understand; many don’t even know it.

If any sin is occurred by someone today – and he makes Tawba as mentioned above, InshaAllah he will be forgiven. If the same person commits the same sin again in future this sin doesn’t refute the previous Tawba (Because that had been a pure one – bearing no intention of performing sin again)! Therefore, one must again sincerely perform Tawba.

If still it repeats, i.e. if the person once again performs the same sin….he must again, yes: again sincerely do Tawba. Allah Taala, the Most Gracious will grant his repentance. Even in a single day, if a man commits sin several times and keep on repenting sincerely, according Quran and Hadith every Tawba would be valid. Therefore sincerely repenting is a must. Please note one point here there are rulings of compensation regarding Haqullah (Rights of Allah Taala) and Haq-qul-Ibad (Right of a slave); we have to compensate the deeds according Shariah. However, compensation may not be always possible and just doing Tawba is sufficient. However, this point must be clarified from the Mufti or qualified pious scholar.

Rasulullah ﷺ has informed his Beloved Ummah (meaning): All men are sinners, better among those sinners are the ones who perform Tawba

Rasulullah ﷺ has informed through another Hadith (meaning): One who seeks forgiveness after committing sin, even if s/he commits the sin seventy times on a day, still the individual would not be treated as defiant against sins.

If you are not performing Tawba, you are becoming steadfast on your sins! On the other hand, performing every Tawba would cleanse your heart every time and make you pure every time Inshallah. Remember the Condition! Every Tawba must bear the intention of not performing the sin again. Only then can it would be considered Pure.

May Allah Taala bless us with Tawba tun Nasuha – Ameen.

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