End Times/Final Hour

Hadith on End Time Actions: Pay heed before they engulf us

Saiyeduna Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (radiyallahu ‘anhu) has mentioned that Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ has said (Meaning):

Verily before the final hour, people will only greet those that they know. Business would become so widespread and extensive that even the wife will [begin to] assist her husband in it [i.e. in amassing wealth]. Families will [begin to] cut off ties. People will [begin to] give false testimony, and those bearing the truth will [begin to] conceal it. [Finally,] Forgetfulness will also become so rampant that the people of knowledge will be forced into writing things down to preserve it. Musnad-e-Ahmad 

This is among those Hadith that informs and warns regarding the rife-actions at end times in the world. We ourselves are witnesses to these situations almost frequently. It would be very unfortunate if we are indulging ourselves in the actions which the Shariah has dimmed impermissible and Nabi ﷺ has also warned them as evil actions of the end times.

If a believer notices and deeply ponders over the warnings of Beloved Prophet ﷺ regarding the actions of end-times, he would perceive that the narrations of Hadith collections comprise of in-depth meaning. For instance, in the above Hadith, ‘assisting husband in business’ has been mentioned as a negative activity due to its underlying reason and purpose, i.e. attraction to the world and its wealth.

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