Is Your Tawba Pure

Indeed, Tawba is the Treatment of our ailing heart.
Have you ever thought whether your Tawba Sincere or not?

Allah Taala gave the vivid answer to this question: See Sura Nahl: 119. He says there (Meaning):

Those who ignorantly committed sin then did Tawba and corrected their Deeds; Verily your Lord is is Very Merciful and Kind after Tawba and Reformation.

The point: ‘corrected their Deeds’ is the condition of Pure Tawba. If one has committed sins and sincerely repented, the sign of his repentance will be definitely in this Deeds; he will be caring about his correction and reformation.

O Allah! We are your slaves. Indeed, we are very weak. We want to reform. We want to return to Your Path – Be steadfast! Please guide us. Keep us steadfast on Your Path with Sincerity and Grant us Pure Tawba! Ameen

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