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Recite Mu’awwazatain after every Salah

When the trials and tribulations are so evident all around, none of us can be free from fear, Imaan-good action-life-wealth are all at risk — no doubt, it is much more pertinent to follow the instructions of our beloved Prophet ﷺ ?! The task that is always a priority (following the instructions of the beloved Prophet ﷺ) becomes even more urgent in some cases.

Uqbah bin Amer رضي الله عنه has narrated (meaning) The Messenger ﷺ  of Allah instructed me to recite Mu’awwazatain (i.e., the two Suras of shelter and refuge) Falaq and Nas) after every prayer. (Tirmidhi)

We, the general Muslims also know about the importance, necessity and benefits of Sura Falaq and Sura Nas. What could be a stronger shield from the entire evil-creations and especially, from the evildoings of man and every humanlike-enemy, which Allah has sent down on His beloved ﷺ ?! Many of us know the purpose and incident on which these two Suras were revealed. Beloved Prophet ﷺ  was targeted by the enemies through black-magic. These two Suras were revealed as protection (MashaAllah!).

We also need to be cautious beforehand. Therefore, just as we recite the two Suras three times in the morning and evening, and also three times before going to bed (at night) and we blow our body before sleep, let us attach this action (as narrated in the above Hadith) to our daily routine from today, InshaAllah!

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