O Women! Realize your status and live a Pure Life

This Article has been published in Islaminlife Magazine: Jamaadul Ula & Jamaadul Aakhira Issue of 1443Hijri

A woman is regarded as a very important family member. She is the major driving force for the family and household works. The word homemaker is quite appropriate in this sense. She makes the home i.e. she manages the home. This management requires a great deal of virtues.

Allah Taala has created a woman with the best qualities to maintain a family. Starting from assisting her husband, looking after the children, managing the kitchen, maintaining harmony among the family members, guest management and all such household matters are inclusive of a woman’s job. This potential is so inborn and active in the women that if the men ponder deeply on it they would be startled.

Unfortunately, we have changed the system. Rather, we have completely replaced the Allah-gifted system with the manmade system. This has resulted in chaos, social imbalance, unrest, arguments and all sorts of family issues in our houses. Who is to blame? Every Muslim should take upon the blame! This statement requires some explanation. However, today we are not being exhaustive in our discussion. We pause to this point by saying, a Muslim always takes upon responsibility on him/herself. In general, s/he never points out the bad consequences to others but recognizes and reminds him/herself of his/her accountability. This is a good and great quality.

What today’s discussion point is, to make our respected women remind her of the dignity and status provided to them by Allah Subhanu wa Taala. There is a complete Sura (Chapter) named, An-Nisa, meaning: The Women. Our beloved Prophet ﷺ had shown us how to behave with and rule over the women. He ﷺ has warned the men regarding the women! So the women have not/never been downgraded in Islam. Her status is very high. Her status is unique in many terms starting from being the Mother and a caring Spouse. Women who do not have children, or even for any reason couldn’t get married should not think that this has been an injustice to her! From Allah, whatever has been decreed is the best. If any other people have tortured/deprived you, that is their issue. For a woman, divorced, unmarried, married whatever be her worldly status, her real status can only be gauged by Taqwa. Therefore, no woman should be hopeless at all! Every woman should try her level best to be steadfast on Deen. This would enable her to make her successful in this world and afterlife.

For a woman, the Quran and Sunnah have directed a few things that would lead a woman to Jannah easily. The major ones are:

  • Perform Salaat in time
  • Preserve chastity through practicing veil
  • Refrain from backbiting and sins relating to the tongue
  • Obedient and supportive towards her husband

Of course, there are some more obligatory good actions, but the above ones will inshaAllah make all those much easier. Most of the negligence takes place in the obligations mentioned above.

The women require full cooperation and support of their male guardians to accomplish the good actions. Men and women have been created to assist one another. We have to get out from the folds of blame-games in our family and marital life. Until and unless we solve these issues generously or principly i.e. there are situations to resolve family issues through divorce too, and it should NOT be thought that a divorce is a ‘destruction’, rather, often it is the only best solution or way out from extreme worse situations. The women should be provided maximum support in any family adversaries, because for a woman, who is inherently soft in nature, it is very difficult to overcome serious family issues. In this regard, the senior male relatives have a vital role to play which unfortunately is quite neglected today. Fulfilling women’s rights is a very important matter but instead of it, many families are exposing them to jobs and earning livelihood and all such matters that only ruin their chastity and modesty. The women themselves should be very careful and caring in receiving their rights and should not get involved in affairs that ruin her modesty. How can a Muslim woman engage in all such actions and affairs that the non-believers do?! By doing so, they will lose their own bounty provided to them by Allah Taala, moreover Allah Taala’s punishment may become incumbent if the women folk continue to violate His commands. May Allah save us! Women should stay in their homes safe, their education and all other requirements should be ensured securely in veils. In this regard, both the Muslim men and women have to be cooperative and cautious.

Probably this article would be published in Rajab. Our mothers and sisters are requested to take advantage of ‘this season of good actions’! Because, Rajab is one the four sacred months of the lunar year. May Allah Subhanu wa Taala help us in all regards to obey His commands. Aameen

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