Afterlife should be our aim

A wise man rightly said: “A man whose aim is this worldly life, would always keep thinking: how he could live in this world more comfortably. On the other hand, an individual whose aim is the afterlife, would always keep thinking: how he could beautify his death in this world.”

In fact, everyone whose purpose is this world and worldly life, his dream and ambition surround this life. And whoever has set his aim to succeed in the afterlife, his efforts relate to it. All the actions of a worldly man are based on the world. And all the deeds of a person towards the Hereafter are based on the Hereafter.

A man prioritizing the life of the world, always keeps ignoring death. He forgets his life’s ultimate consequences. Oppositely, A man prioritizing the afterlife, always keeps remembering death. He remembers that worldly life is transitory. Surprisingly (for others), being into the world, he often (unintentionally) forgets to accomplish many major tasks related to his stake in this world, but he continually focuses on the preparation of afterlife. Indeed, a man who holds firm belief in the afterlife, takes every step on fulfilling the objectives relating to it. His sole purpose is nothing but to earn the pleasure of his Lord, Allah Subhanu wa Taala.

Indeed, this world is coming to an end. And we are drawing nearer towards the eternal afterlife. According to a Hadith of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, intelligent and wise is that individual who gets prepared (for death) before death approaches.

We would not like the discussion of death and preparation of afterlife when we are oblivious to and neglectful of the preparation for the afterlife. But the reality is that we have to face death and leave this world sooner or later. And this too is the clear declaration of the Holy Quran:

كل نفس ذائقة الموت وإنما توفون أجوركم يوم القيامة فمن زحزح عن النار وأدخل الجنة فقد فاز وما الحياة الدنيا إلا متاع الغرور

Meaning: Every creature must taste death and all of you (your work) will be fully rewarded. Then whoever is kept away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he will be successful in the true sense. And (as opposed to Paradise) this worldly life is nothing but a means of deception. [Sura Ale-Imran: 185]

The temporary life in this world is the workplace for preparing for the eternal afterlife. Man’s success and failure depend on how he uses the life of this world. Almighty, the possessor of infinite power, Allah Subhanu wa Taala will resurrect man after death. On the Day of Resurrection, we will all have to stand before Allah Taala. We have to account for what we had done in the worldly life.

According to another Hadith, narrated by Saiyeduna Abdullah Ibne Mas’ood رضي الله عنه (meaning): The son of Adam will not be dismissed from before his lord until he had been questioned about five things:

  1. His life and how he spent it.
  2. His youth and how he used it.
  3. His wealth and how he earned it.
  4. His wealth and how he disposed of it.
  5. How he acted upon what he acquired of knowledge. (Thirmidi)

Therefore, we need to consider seriously before it is too late..

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