Books for Taleem at Home

When Shaikhul Islam Mufti Taqi Usmani (DB) visited Bangladesh, in a special Majlis, while giving his valuable directions regarding ‘how to inspire and guide family members toward Islam’, had named the following Five Books for Taleem (teach Islamic Knowledge) at home (this may NOT the sequence by which Mufti Saheb mentioned the books; however these are the names of the books he had mentioned):

1. Behesti Zewar: Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R)

2. Hayatus Sahaba (RA) Shaikh Yusuf Kandhalavi (R)

3. Fazayel-e-Amal Shaikh Zakaria Saharanpuri (R)

4. Wus Waye Rasoole Akram ﷺ: Shaikh Abdul Hai Arefi (R)

5. Islahi Nisaab: Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R)

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