Ramadan for Woman: Part 2 of 3

We request all sisters to exert courage and make plans for the coming Ramadan. And besides evoking courage, to make your Ramadan more fruitful, discuss and consult your father and mother, husband, son, and brother (whoever is available) regarding how to pass the Holy month much more effectively to maximize benefits. Manage all household necessities from the market and shops before Ramadan. Don’t plan for shopping and other trips in Ramadan; if you have to shop, shop now, before Ramadan commences. The best is to completely be confined in the house and do as much as worship possible. It is much wiser to buy the Iftar and Sahri items ahead of Ramadan – if not all, at least the main ones. Some perishable items may be bought according to need during Ramadan. The less one pays attention to these issues (such as shopping, eating, etc.), the more there will be the opportunity of Ibadat, the more will be the attention to Ibadat and the more will be the opportunity to accomplish Ibadat peacefully Inshallah.

Those houses which have TV are automatically deprived of Deen to a greater extent. A woman can play a very big role in this regard. If she initiates to terminate this idiot and satanic box, the rest of the family members will be ashamed and will Inshallah refrain from it. Ulama say that at least turn it off for this holy month (Ramadan) and make a spiritual exercise. We request our sisters to do this fikr – check the TV in this Holy Month; restrain your children from this evil. Do lots of Dua to Allah that He helps us all to abandon this devil-tool forever.

Children should be provided with special guidance. They should also be told and reminded of the importance of Holy Ramadan again and again. Infants and small children shouldn’t be publicly fed. This will create awareness and respect towards Fasting and Deen in a child’s heart. Moreover, through such practices, when s/he would reach the age of some understanding, there will be a spontaneous enthusiasm in the child’s heart that s/he needs to fast too.

A woman can drive the family in so many ways that one cannot imagine. For women being misguided, on many occasions,  it is the men’s fault that today they have led the women in the wrong way. By letting the woman go out of the house (for job etc.) the men have not only guided them astray but also had deprived them of their actual rights. If the women had been properly guided by men, the Muslims’ house would have been an example for the unbelievers and the whole world would have been influenced greatly. Unfortunately, there are very few exemplary Muslim families today. The men should fear Allah Taala in this regard (guiding their subordinate women) and meditate on the situation of The Judgment Day, when his family members would simply blame him for all wrong guidance and mischief.

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