Acquire Divine Knowledge to save Imaan: Part 1

Complete adherence to the Holy Quran and Sunnah is the objective and aim of a Muslim. It is essential for a Muslim to look around his life and check out his beliefs, values, and actions. The heart and mind of a believer should be resistant to adopting the traditions and culture of kuffar (disbelievers); there is no excuse by any means for a believer to conform to the beliefs and doings of the kuffar (disbelievers).

If the basic beliefs and concepts of Islam are not inculcated in a Muslim’s life in the way it should have, there is every risk that s/he would exert efforts in the wrong path. Any action that opposes the Quran and Sunnah leads to wrong practice and evil consequences, may it be in any form. For this reason, acquiring the fundamentals of divine knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim. Divine knowledge does not only provide the understanding of Islam, but it instills Taqwa (Fear of Allah), which assists in safeguarding Iman (the faith of a Muslim). Consequently, it enables us to refrain from evil doings. It is through divine knowledge, a Muslim gets the right direction and guidance.

When there is only ‘a notion’ of Islam’s understanding, it does not suffice to protect a Muslim’s faith and actions. Many Muslims today have misunderstood and regarded ‘self-notions’ as the divine knowledge of the Holy Quran and Sunnah; such conclusions are extremely erroneous. Therefore, acquiring insufficient fundamental divine knowledge, which is known as Ilm, is pertinent. To learn the basic tenets of Islam is compulsory for every man and woman. Without attaining so, there is absolutely no guarantee of salvation in the afterlife. Insufficient knowledge leads to distorted understanding, value and beliefs. Consequently, it is detrimental to our Imaan and good deeds.

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