Acquire Divine Knowledge to save Imaan: Part 2  

The greatest enemy of mankind – satan (the evil Jinn who disobeyed Allah Taala’s command and has become cursed forever) is always after us to make us astray. Besides satan, the lower self – nafs is present to lead us toward the wrong way. Direct and indirect attacks from satan are continual which he had vowed of. Becoming ‘uncaring and unaware of the right and wrong’ make our enemy snatch away the most valuable assets (faith and good actions). Imaan and good actions are in our possession today, however, with inadequate care and development, the fall victim to satan’s prey. How many people since the beginning of this world had neglected to preserve the righteous faith and good deeds and had left this world without them?!

Today the Ummah is under great threats against many evils. No doubt, the evils had always been around and looking for the slightest opportunities and chances to ruin us. In resisting these evils, major key is to attain divine knowledge. However, most of the Muslims today are being very neglectful to this matter. The consequence is as usual; the satan and nafs have become highly active; they had successfully engaged us in mischiefs which a Muslim just hundred years ago could hardly have imagined of!

Acquiring divine knowledge is the prerequisite to correct understanding of Islam. It is not possible to develop and protect Imaan (faith/belief) without comprehending Islam holistically. Muslims have to take the momentous initiative as much as possible to achieve divine knowledge or otherwise, their beliefs, thoughts, and actions may outwardly represent them as Muslims, however, all good deeds and even faith may prove to be contrary to what the Quran and Sunnah have taught. This would finally lead to go all our efforts in vain! May Allah Taala save us and provide the ability to learn the divine knowledge sincerely. Aameen.

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