Benefits of accepting Taqdeer: Part 1

Difference between a believer and non-believer should be apparent when it comes to the point of reacting in any adverse situation. Unfortunately what today we see is, even a believer i.e. a person who has faith in Allah Taala become excessively grief-stricken in calamities and troubles. The situation portrays the poor and pathetic state of our faith (Imaan). One major reason for this is, due to the acceptance of Taqdeer – predestination. To hold firm faith on Taqdeer is an integral part of faith – Imaan. Denying to believing in Taqdeer results in getting out of the fold of Islam. Every believer should have firm faith in Taqdeer. A believer’s peace of heart in every aspect of life amplifies when s/he holds firm faith in Taqdeer. In contrast, people who argue and delve deep into this matter go astray.

To hold firm faith in Taqdeer, the first and foremost point to accept and fully acknowledge is that, the human intellect has its limitation. Therefore, there it is pointless to argue and delve into matters which our brain do not and can never comprehend.

The decree of the Creator is beyond our comprehension. There is no creation that can ever challenge the slightest reasoning of a doing of the Creator. Predestination or Taqdeer is a matter on which we can only hold a firm belief in. There is no scope for any other questioning. Take a simple example from our day-to-day life. Every day a lot of instructions are given to us from the seniors. How many of them can be challenged and questions upon? In most cases, almost none. The authority has its full right to command, and our responsibility is to obey. This is very clear and simple. Now if we had challenged and questioned our seniors regarding why do we have to carry their orders, we will find in a little time that it is we, who are at a loss. The result would be our suffering and misery. If this is in the case of worldly affairs and with the seniors, who are just humans like us, how would it be to challenge and question the supreme power, the Creator?

Accepting and surrendering to the divine decree is what faith in Taqdeer or predestination consists of. This ultimately increases a believer’s Imaan – faith and protects it. What Allah, the Creator wills, He wills. What He has predestined, is solely up to Him. The creation has to carry on their duties and responsibilities. As creations, our job is total obedience on the premise of faith. As said, peace and tranquility lie on submission and acceptance toward the divine decree. Challenging it and questioning would fetch in our misery only.




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