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Muslims do not spill blood, but they Obey

For a Muslim, when it comes to the issue of his Lord’s Command, there is no more question. Instantly he is ready. There is no ‘but’ and no ‘why’. Here is the evidence of his greatest wealth Iman – firm belief on His Lord and on all His Promises. Upon these, if there is ‘LOVE’ – deeper connection with his Lord, what would happen? The servant would exuberantly demonstrate and prove how eagerly he could obey any divine commandment.

Sayyadana Ibraheem Alayhissalam has set an epitome of obedience and love through his sacrifices. He has reached the pinnacle of relationship with Allah Taala. When Namrood arranged fire to burn the Khaleel of Allah, Ibraheem Alayhissalam did not even ask for any support, because he was completely relaxed by relying on Allah Taala’s desire and decision; he knew well that Allah Taala is in observation. When Ibraheem Alayhissalam was told to sacrifice the most precious possession he had (his son), he never dared to ask why is he being asked to do so.

At this eve of Qurbani, we should think over with sincere heart, what our state, intention and objective is! Well, we are sinners, we are weak in Iman and we can make little sacrifices. However, what Allah Taala has commanded us to do is NOT beyond our limit; we have not been asked to do anything which is ‘not possible’ for us. Our responsibility is to carry on the supreme command with submissiveness. Let not our ‘Iman’ be questioned and put into threat by asking “why I need to do this and why not that”….etc. In the court of this world we never dare to ask even a logical question, but in the Court of Almighty we start asking “anything that arises in mind”! How unfortunate it is for us! We seek the refuge of Allah Taala from all evil thoughts and evil doings.

It is indeed very shocking that a person having a ‘Muslim name’ today even dare to ask that “why do I have to kill an innocent animal?” Our question to such people is, “O the slave of Allah! Think deeply on your existence and your consequences. Give up thinking about the Creator and Sustainer’s dos and donts. It is not you who created the animals and it is not you who the animals obey. Do what you have been commanded to or with such boldness be ready to face your Lord!”

Muslims all over the world unanimously slaughter animals by the name of Allah Taala, for the sake of Allah Taala and perform the great deed of Qurbani; it is to once more depict and express the fact that we bow our heads and hands and every limb to the supreme command and can sacrifice anything Inshaallah for the pleasure of our Lord!

May Allah Taala provide us the right understanding of Islam. May we live and die as Muslims! May our sacrifices be sincere, rightful and accepted in the Court of Allah Taala! Ameen

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