Hajj & Qurbani

A Lot to Think and Work at this Eve of Hajj & Qurbani

As we are the Millat-e-Ibraheem, i.e. the Nationality of Saiyeduna Ibraheem عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ, there is a lot to contemplate on the piety life of Beloved Saiyeduna Ibraheem عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ. Testified by Allah Taala one after another, this great Prophet عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ has demonstrated the style of sacrifice and divine love for Allah Taala and rightfully called Khaleelullah – Friend of Allah Taala! His sacrifice and love are borne by the millions and millions of Muslims all over the world – the Ummah of the Last Messenger, the Imam of all Messengers and Mankind, Beloved Saiyeduna Muhammad ﷺ.

It is very unfortunate for us that Hajj and Qurbani – the great Ibadats today have become customary! We have not understood and realized the meaning of these worships but taken these as rituals. It is pertinent that we know the fact of what has been told to us by Allah Taala. Why do we perform Hajj and Qurbani? What is the significance of these acts in our life?

A Muslim’s life is a life of obedience to Allah Taala. A Muslim knows that every act of his life bears high value. He, therefore, does not act upon a good deed in a way he himself thinks right. He knows very well that to perform any act, the way prescribed by Shariah (law based on the Holy Quran & Hadith) is the pre-requisite for divine acceptance. He knows that it is only a waste of time and energy if a good deed does not fulfill Allah Taala’s set conditions. Moreover, every aware Muslim knows very well that these conditions are again of two types – the inner and outer. If X and Y, for instance, two Muslims say Salat (prayers), pay Zakaat, perform Hajj or carry on any commandment of Allah Taala, whose worship was complete? Who had fulfilled all the prerequisites of Shariah? Simply anyone who had known the inner and outer methodologies to accomplish the good deed in question and also had acted accordingly could expect acceptance and reward from Allah Taala.

Today majority of Muslims have forgotten the above-mentioned fact and therefore, Hajj and Qurbani, although very important and significant Ibadat, are performed in a very carefree way.

What would I do if I see (May Allah Taala forbid) on the Judgment Day – my Hajj and my Qurbani were nothing, but just a mockery in the court of Allah Taala! By ignoring the intentions, lessons, and methodology of Shariah every Ibadat could turn into ashes and bear witness against myself in Allah Taala’s court.

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