Easy Good DeedsZikr/Remembrance of Allah

An Easy and Effective way to build up Good Relationship with Allah

The pious scholars say that to converse with Allah (speak with your Lord) in solitude (private) is an easy way to build up a good relationship with Him. Recitation, dhikr, supplications (dua) are all included in conversing with Allah Taala. We can also communicate with Allah through supplicating to Him in our own language, there is no barrier of language between the servant and His Lord.*

Allah is the closest to His servant. He is the Creator, the Owner, the Sustainer. Therefore, if you keep presenting all your agonies and grievances to Him and always keep on expressing gratitude to Him, good actions will increase, blessings will increase and sincerity will also increase. Your agonies and grievances would reduce, they will completely be repelled if Allah wishes; the good news is, you will be rewarded with Allah’s mercy in both the worlds. The believer’s relationship with Allah continues to develop in this way. Mufti Taqi Usmani emphasizes this a lot in his talks and islahi-gatherings.

Make some time every day; manage just five minutes. Or at least two/three minutes. Close your eyes and remember Allah. Closing the eyes is not a stipulation; the scholars say that it is beneficial to achieve the attention and focus. Think of the blessings on you from Allah. Thank Him, express gratitude – say Alhamdulillah from the core of your heart. Present all your matters to Him. Ask for His support and help. It is very easy to do and also very effective. If you regularly meditate on the blessings of Allah and express gratitude to Him, you will be able to feel His abundant mercy on you, InshaAllah. Peace and tranquility enter into your heart of the believer through the remembrance of Allah.

Allah Azza wa Jal says (meaning): Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” Sura Ra’d: 28

Did you commit a sin? Or is it that you have been sinning for a long time? Seek forgiveness to Allah. Are you in need or want of something? (As far as it is halaal) Ask Allah, request Him to provide you with it. Ask for all His support and help in all your affairs. Seek sincerely and see what a donor and bestower He is! Why do you think that asking Him is ‘having a try’?! If you are a believer, although your belief (Imaan) is weak, beseech Allah’s full support. Call him with your weak faith in remorse. Seek refuge to Him. Tell Allah: I seek the pure and complete faith and trust in You. Do not be dubious with your supplications to Allah; have the complete reliance on Him.

My dear friend! Such regular supplications will show you what a Giver and Provider is He, Allah! Verily He is Qaadir, Supreme and omnipotent. Be firm on His path, and do not despair. The world and worldly life are of test. And it is also true that Allah does not test the servant beyond his capability and capacity.

Therefore, keep on conversing with Allah: put your trust and reliance on Him; inform him of your conditions, seek His help and express gratitude. As said, spend a few minutes every day. This is a very easy prescription to move forward on the path of Allah.

Our responsibility is to try; providing us with the fruit or result is Allah’s job. The farmer has never been able to get the fruit out of the seed, nor will he ever be able to do so. Sowing the seed is his job. Making it possible to bear fruit is the job of the glorious and mighty Creator — Allah Subhanu wa Taala. The farmer who does not even have a seed needs to search the seed itself and should also pray to Allah to get the seed. In all matters, the servant is dependent on Allah from the beginning to the end.

Please notice carefully. By giving us the invaluable wealth of faith, Allah has indeed opened the door to provide us with everything (i.e. every need and necessity that makes us successful in both the worlds); Allahu Akbar! Therefore, a believer is very fortunate to just ask Allah for all his needs and help. It is indeed very easy for us; we just need to ask Him. He himself has said in the Holy Quran (meaning),

Call upon Me; I will respond to you. Sura Al-Mu’min: 60

*However, in the case of Salaat and some special occasions, the Arabic language is compulsory. For supplication or dua outside Salaat, we can use our own language. 

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