Haste toward Good Actions: Do not procrastinate in doing Tauba

Remember the Hadith?

Ibn Abbas (radiallahu anhu) reported: Beloved Prophet ﷺ said (meaning):

Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your free time before your work, and your life before your death. Shu’abul Imaan

Another anecdote by Ibne Umar (radiallahu anhu) [meaning]:

In the evening, do not anticipate/expect to be alive the morning, and in the morning do not anticipate/expect to be alive the evening. Take from your health for your illness and from your life for your death [i.e. do good deeds when you have good health and before you pass away]. Sahih Bukhari

Therefore, haste towards good actions. Be it little apparently, may it seem scanty. Let’s get started accomplishing good actions. Even at the beginning, whether it is irregular or irregular – do get started. Try to make some practices firm or steadfast. Regardless of the mind is set or not, the overall conditions are congenial or not, good actions should be carried on. Indeed, this is the test of this world and worldly life. The test is about who strives for good actions and who does not.

Zikr (remembrance of Allah), recitation, prayers (salaat), fasting should be continued steadily; good moral-conduct and fair dealings should be accomplished according to the Sunnah. These are the means for divine bounties and blessings.

If some commands of the Shariah are obeyed and some violated, this is of course not the ideal practice. We require to worship Allah and obey all His commands and refrain from all His prohibitions. However, at the very beginning of good practices, that is, when one repents or starts anew striving on the path of Allah, all good actions may not be possible to start at once; all the sins cannot be given up at once. Still, some of the good actions should be initiated right away, some of the evil actions should be got ridden of instantly. Above all, there should be a firm intention to change our life for the pleasure of Allah. This is also a great footstep to forward oneself on Allah’s path!

The major deception we’re mostly into is the procrastination of exerting the good actions. We delay the good actions and keep on delaying to such an extent that either a serious illness approaches or some poverty approaches or even our death approaches! Delaying and procrastinating the good actions simply means giving the opportunity to the nafs (our lower self) and the satan (devil). They want to mislead us and make our end the worst (May Allah save us! Aameen). Our wariness and initiatives should initiate as early as possible. Pay attention to obey Allah’s commands and prohibitions now and do not ever think that you would get the opportunity to see the sunset if you have seen the sunrise today. If one sins and repents, again he sins and repents, and if this goes on through the whole life sincerely with best efforts to refrain from violating Allah’s commands, this is an effort on Allah’s path. InshaAllah it would be regarded as mujahadah, i.e. hardship on the path of Allah. Our dos and donts require to be for the pleasure of Allah and they should be exerted to our maximum efforts. Allah the seer of all knows what our hearts possess and minds think. He values our efforts on His path. If we keep on making the best efforts and seek His support inshaAllah He would be in our full assistance! Keeping on sincere and steadfast efforts on Allah’s path is the means of guidance and salvation, it bears the success and peace in this world and the hereafter. O Allah! You make it easy for us. Forgive us, accept us please! Aamen.

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