Tawheed: Solution of Life – Part 1

Mufti Shafi Saheb (R) – A Star indeed. Allah Taala has blessed us through his works. This extract is one very valuable piece from ‘Dil ki Dunya’ a must read book for the Seeker of Right Path.

(Note: Anyone reading this part must not miss Part II for clear understanding of Tawheed. Any question regarding such matter must be clarified from Spiritual Mentor or Ulama)

“Know Allah Taala One, Read Him One, See Him One and Search Him One and only One…”

The inner values of man, which have been prescribed essential, amongst those – Tawheed is a major one. To believe in One Allah Taala and match nothing to Him is the foundation of Iman (belief). In Ilm-e Tasawwuf, Tawheed has been elaborated much more deeply. It states that the Tawheed which had been achieved conceptually or at a level of belief must be practiced in good deeds in such manner that it becomes human habit. It means, when the believer views the happening of this world he firmly believes that whatever is happening is by the command of Allah Taala. Without His command not a single molecule can turn. At the level of belief every Muslim knows and accepts it. However, in every situation of life where will and woe comes by turn, this very belief doesn’t seem to be arouse in mind always. For this reason, when there is means through which happiness or sorrow enters in life, man seem to relate that means with the happiness or sorrow coming. But reality of Tawheed (which is Tawheed in terms of good deed) is – always wake up in heart the actual cause of happenings (i.e. Only Allah Taala’s command is the source of all happenings), as if you are seeing it. A devout says in this regard,

“Through your heart if you see the doing of Allah Taala that is Tawheed, only the bearing of witness through tongue is not sufficient.”

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