Meeting the Lord in Seclusion

Tahajjud is an amazing Salat. Allah Taala mentions in the Holy Qur’an (meaning): Truly, rising by night (for prayer of tahajjud) is the most effective way to subdue (one’s self) and to make speech more upright. [6] Surely, in daytime, you have a lengthy work to do. [7] And remember the name of your Lord, and devote yourself to Him with exclusive devotion.(Sura Muzammil: 6-7)

It is clearly stated in this verse that rising for Tahajjud results in ‘effective-fight’ against the nafs (lower self)!  In Sura Isra/Bani Israyeel, Tahajjud has been related to Maqame Mahmood, which would be a very special place for Beloved Nabi ﷺ. Sahih Hadith relates that Allah Taala’s blessing attracts His servants in a special way at the time of Tahajjud. According to Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, Allah Taala descendants at the sky of the world and calls upon His servants to fulfill their needs. The Muhaddiseen mentions, ‘Allah Taala’s descending’ is completely beyond our comprehension and accepting this fact submissively is divine knowledge.  Our pious predecessors never argued or elaborated on these issues. However, it has been clearly mentioned in the Hadith that during the final one-third of the night, Allah Taala’s blessing pay attention to His servants and Allah Taala calls for supplication and forgiveness. Indeed, for an obedient servant and faithful believer it becomes much more difficult to lie on the bed and sleep than to wake up. He spontaneously wakes up at the remembrance of his Lord and starts praying, reciting and supplicating.

Most people sleep at night. This is a very general and natural way to pass the night. However, at every age, there have been people, who pass their nights in various other activities. These activities include different jobs and entertainments. Apart from these, a group of people wakes up for worshipping Allah Taala, the creator and sustainer of the universe. This has completely a different feeling in terms of spiritual development. The close servants of Allah Taala have anticipated that sacrifice and hardship in worship results in more nearness to Allah.  This desire makes it easy for them to forgo everything in life, and sleep is one beloved thing. Pious people actually find immense ecstasy on meeting their Lord! No doubt that the Tahajjud prayer is meeting the Lord in seclusion.

The pious scholars have stated that Tahajjud and supererogatory prayers alike resemble meeting in seclusion with Allah Taala. When a servant is offered a private-meeting with his master, what would be the servant’s personal feeling? How eager would he be to respond and meet? Of course, the servant would meet his master with great expectation to achieve maximum special benefits.

When there is an opportunity that is regarded as lofty, the wise people would make every effort to avail it. Tahajjud is such an opportunity and anyone who seeks his Lord’s special offers should not miss it!

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