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Return for risk guaranteed

People risk their lives for various reasons. Some people undertake very risky hikes, many people undertake professions which every moment threat their life. Often people make a dishonest target of committing crimes to achieve wealth and other possessions risking their life which might even cost them death penalty for instance.

A Muslim chooses the option to please Allah. A Muslim undergoes hardship and sacrifices in this world for the pleasure of his Lord, Allah Taala. Throughout his life a Muslim forgoes many amenities, keeps several desires unfulfilled and continually suppresses the lucrative achievements of the world. All these are done only because of the belief in Allah’s commandments.

A Muslim, firm on Allah’s path, seems to be taking high risks in various ways. His risk often astonish other people, because, the premise on which he undertakes a risk is totally in the unseen.      

However, if a Muslim’s vision and mission were well understood by an inquisitive viewer, he could have comprehended that all risks (which seemingly attach severe hardship and sacrifices) carried on by a Muslim (a sincere servant of Allah) is simply the cost for salvation from the torment of grave and hellfire, and ultimately to seek the eternal happiness of afterlife that abounds Allah’s love and pleasure, which is indeed a priceless return.

Worldly afflictions are nothing comparing to the pangs and agony of afterlife. By sacrificing in this world, forgoing luxurious and carefree life, a Muslim is risking the life of this world as one might wonder. However, this is such a risk for which the return has been guaranteed by Allah Taala.  Therefore, it is very easy to sacrifice millions of one’s life (if that would have ever been possible)  in this temporary world in lieu of achieving salvation and peace in the eternal afterlife.

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