Priority is Direct Worship

Shaikh-ul-Hadith Zakaria Saharanpuri Rahimahullah said, “I don’t negate to earn money. What I point out is that understand why had we been created(?) It is only for Ibadat, i.e. obeying Allah Taala. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the objective and other things. The objective of life must be clearly understood and acted upon. At present what is happening is, the mustache is surpassing the beard, which should have not been. I advise that every day before going to sleep think for a while, how much time of mine has been spent today for Ibadat and the works of Deen, and what portion of time has been consumed on other matters?

You must compare the two situations and see how much was the difference? The religious works, if it isn’t greater than other works (related to worldly affairs), should at least be equal.”

This is an extract from Shaikh Zakaria’s sayings.

Shaikh Zakaria Rahimahullah had emphasized upon remembering the objective of life. The objective of human life is worshipping Allah Taala. This is why man had been created. All other permitted activities are of course connected to worshipping Allah no doubt. However, today most of us fail to understand the difference between direct and indirect worship.

Earning (halal) money, accomplishing all the permitted worldly affairs are indirect worship. Offering prayers, paying zakaat, reciting the Quran and so on are all direct worship. All the permissible actions should be accomplished in the intention to please Allah Taala. All these are some form of Ibadat (worship) and Inshallah Allah Taala would reward a believer for them. However, the priority of all good deeds vary and even the priorities differ with changes in place, time and person. Without having the right knowledge makes us work in the wrong order or wrong way. Therefore, every one of us should ask a pious scholar regarding the actions we accomplish. Often this happens that, we conclude something with our intellect, however, the law and command of Allah Taala is different. Ignorance takes us to several problems and the biggest is, there is an apprehension that our worship does not fulfill the fundamental prerequisite.

We relate a real incident to raise awareness and concern to learn the right things. See how wrongful concepts derived by ourselves can keep us far from Allah Taala. Mufti Taqi Usmani, may Allah prolong his shelter upon us, has related the incident in his talk.

A doctor’s wife, over the telephone, asked Mufti Taqi Usmani that her husband, due to being very busy in medical services forgo compulsory prayers. When she discussed with her husband regarding the matter, he told her that he has been engaged at a great service of humanity, and this is also worship. This was the situation and the wife sought advise to Mufti Taqi Usmani over the telephone.

Mufti Taqi Usmani explained to her that prayer is direct worship. On the other hand, the medical services which her husband is providing to people are also a form of worship. However, that is an indirect form of worship. Indirect worship cannot be compared to direct. Of course, both are forms of worship, but the direct-worship is generally the priority. Therefore, the husband’s understanding and the excuse was wrong. And s/he should politely discuss this with her husband.

This is a concept which many Muslims today have become ignorant about. Let us understand the priority and to do so, we should always consult the pious.

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