Why sinning should be given up

Continue committing sins have so many negative outcomes that it is hard to discuss all in short. Breaching the Commandments of Allah Taala is no doubt an audacious violation.

Even if single sin’s harm falls upon us, many can hardly think the damaging impact it might engrave. Definitely Almighty Allah Taala Himself is so much Kind to us that we are often forgiven and the aftereffects are lingered to provide us several opportunities to seek Repentance, i.e. do Pure Tawba. Hundreds and thousands or even more chances are given by the Lord of the Universe so that we make a comeback and become his obedient slave.

Sins destroy man. Sins make him completely blind, i.e. he cannot anticipate the truth. Sinning makes his mind impulsive and disrupts life. It directly affects his sustenance; sinners lose the Barakah (additional blessing) of Rizk. Sins pull man toward bad company and evil environment. This is how he is deprived of good company and pleasant atmosphere. The worst thing is that continuous sinning deprives him from the Love of Allah Taala and His Rasulullah ﷺ; consequently he is deprived of the Dua of all creations and as due to his mischief various calamities occur on land, water and sky, he becomes the target of negative supplications of all creations! For certain sins, the sinner is caught hold by the Curse of Allah Taala and His Rasulullah ﷺ (Allah Taala save us!).  Excessive sinning causes disgrace and humiliation in worldly life. A continuous sinner’s heart gets pitch dark at a one point of time.  Alas! Such a heart doesn’t bear any good. It doesn’t like the discussion of eternal afterlife, it doesn’t get any taste or flavor in good things of this world too. Excessive sinning and audacity to the Commandments of Allah Taala makes him astray and finally results in a grave ending of the sinner’s life.

A Muslim must always be fearful of a grave and hapless death. He should bear in mind and fear that excessive continuous sinning risks Iman – the most precious and invaluable wealth of his life. Let us all take the opportunity which Allah Taala is offering us several times every day! That is His Forgiveness and Love. We can initiate today and right now to abandon sins one by one. We can make an intention and start praying. Let us weep in the dark night and utter:  O our Lord, pour out patience upon us and let the death take us while we are Muslims (the faithful). Araf: 126

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