Just start practicing these 6 Deeds

Hakeemul Ummah Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R) has stated this in his book Jazawul Amal, very useful advice for us and very easy to accomplish.

These six deeds, not very difficult to do, but inshaAllah by practicing these, the doors of all Ibadat (worship) would open up – Hakeemul Ummah Thanvi (R) ]

1. Attaining Deeni Knowledge: Both by reading books and attaining directly from a Scholar is the means to attain Deeni Knowledge. Rather ,even if one is reading books, it is important to visit a Scholar to clarify understanding and rulings of Islam.

2. Company of the Pious: It is informed by Rasulullah ﷺ that (Meaning), Among my Ummah, one part will be (steadfast) on the righteous path and will be supported by Allah Taala. Those who will boycott them, will not be able to harm them. Through this Hadith we come to know that always in this world, the Righteous People will be present.You will be able to see with your own eyes the benefit of the Company of the Pious.

3. Salat: Salat should be performed in Jamaah. If that is not possible for any rational (Shariah permitted) excuse, still carry on saying prayers five times a day. It is through Salat, a relationship would establish with Allah Taala. Allah Taala has stated (We must always keep forth this verse and become highly motivated) :

Surely Salah restrains from shamelessness and evil. And indeed remembrance of Allah is the

greatest (thing). Sura Ankabut: 45

4. Talk Less and Mix less with people: Whatever you may want to say, think and utter. Talking less is a means to save one from several troubles.

5. Muhasaba and Muraqaba: Most of the time think that I’m in front of my Lord. He is observing me (no doubt). He is seeing every of my word, deed and situation. This is Muraqaba (meditation). And for Muhasaba, fix up a time, for instance it may be when going to sleep – recall and remember the deeds accomplished on the day. Now think that you are accounting for those deeds and for the wrong deeds indeed, there is no reply.

6. Tawba and Istegfar: Whenever a wrong takes place, repent; don’t delay. Don’t wait for a time to come for making Tawba. Instantly prostrate, i.e. go to Shizdah in solitude and sob; at least pretend to cry and seek Allah Taala’s forgiveness.

These six deeds, not at all very difficult to accomplish, however, inshallah by practicing these the door of all Ibadat (worship) would open up.

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  • August 2, 2018 at 11:07 PM

    MashaAllah, very important and beneficiary amals , practiting these 6 deeds one will see the change in his/her life. JajakAllah for your sharing


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