Talking Less: The Way of Pious Predecessors

Ata bin Rabah (R) said, “Our pious predecessors would not like worthless talks. They would talk about the Quran and Sunnah; they would advice the good and forbid the wrong; they would talk only when it was bare necessity to do so; their talks didn’t include unnecessary words and statements.”

There are honorable angels on the left and right of every man – the Kiraaman Katebeen, who have been assigned to write down all deeds of a man. Allah Taala states (Meaning): Not a single word is uttered by one, but there is a watcher near him, ready (to record). Sura Qaf: 18

Don’t you feel even a bit shameful that when on the Judgment Day your Book of Deeds will be opened and you will discover that there are so many words in it which neither has any relation with the Deen nor the world?

One Sahabi radiallahu anhu said, “The questions people ask me are to them just as cold water is to a thirsty person. For me too, to answer such questions are similarly exhilarating. However, I become quiet in fear that while answering to those queries, my words may be superfluous.”

Mujahid alaihir rahma said, “Every utterance of a man is written down. Even if, in view to calm down a child, he is told – so and so will be brought for you – but, such wasn’t the teller’s intention, his words would be regarded a downright lie.”

from the writings of Imam Gazali alaihir rahma

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