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Value and care the bounties present today

Indeed, when a bounty and blessing have already been received, we take them for granted. Ask a person who has lost his eyesight; ask a person who became crippled after an accident. We should always ponder on the divine gifts provided to us absolutely for free (! ). We complain of many things which we have no knowledge of. Our short sight does not allow us to see outside the box. We do not know what situation, thing, or belonging is good or bad for us; we raise complaints. If for a while we think deeply, Allah Taala’s unlimited kindness toward us would be felt and there would be no other way without being grateful and humble to Him. Only the gift of Imaan alone is an unparalleled one!  As a servant of Allah Taala, it is incumbent that we appreciate what we have and keep on obeying His commandments with utmost sincerity.

In this Ramadan many are at their young age, many are in good health, many are in good situations, many have leisure too – no big issues in life. However, still the Holy Ramadan is being neglected, the greatest opportunity to sow the seeds of Aakhirat – the afterlife is passing by uncared. We are oblivion of the fact that distress, sickness, adversaries, troubles may come without notice in life (We seek Allah’s forgiveness from those! Aameen). This state of mind – passing a carefree life, paying no heed to what the Qur’an and AHadtih tell us, is simply alarming.

Another state of mind is, looking for favorable conditions to start practicing good deeds, i.e. a thought like, when the situation would be favorable, I would commence doing good deeds. No doubt, this is another deception only. In the case of this worldly life, if we are determined to pursue something, we exert the utmost efforts. From minimal to vigorous are our efforts. We just start up working seriously. However, when it comes to the matters of following the commandments of Allah and self-reformation, we become sluggish and our nafs undermine the courage to move forward. We have excuses around to stop and pause.

Just keep on focusing on one point: everything we possess is a gift of Allah Taala, we will lose everything one day, the youth, the health, the wealth, the power and authority – none is for the infinite period in this world. Therefore, it is wise to value and care what we have today and exert effort on the path of Allah’s obedience.

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