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The Easy Formula to Increase Bounties

The Bounties of Allah Taala on us have no bounds! If we ponder on His Blessings and Bounties upon us, we would have to become spell-bound! Yet, we will not at all be able to comprehend the achievements that we enjoy and relish every moment.

If we start contemplating on the givings and blessings of Allah Taala, what will happen? Indeed, with very little efforts we will see and feel the tremendous and marvelous bounties in our body and all around! Spontaneously a believer will utter the words of gratitude (Alhamdulillah!) and cry in great charm that Allah Taala has certainly blessed me!

Shukr is a grand level and height. It not only relieves the pain, it not only soothes the heart, it not only results in reward, it establishes a very strong bond between the Creator Allah Subhanu-wa-Taala and His servant!

Doing Shukr, i.e. expressing gratitude is easy, but it is noteworthy what Allah Taala says and reminds us (meaning):

And few from My slaves are thankful. (Sura Saba: 13)

No doubt, Allah Taala’s words are absolutely true! Now we should check out our status, are we among the extremely fortunate ‘few’ or are we out from the praiseworthy ones?

To increase the bounties upon us, Allah Taala also gave a formula – very simple and easy; anyone can apply and get quick results! Allah Taala says (meaning):

If you express gratitude, I shall certainly give you more (Sura Ibraheem: 7)

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