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Sins that we neglect

Sins like fornication, gambling, music are no doubt severe and haraam. However, these are at least easily recognized as sins by us and we are aware of these actions to a larger extent. We carefully refrain from these and possess a deep hatred to these. If any how any of us indulge or go close to these, we feel the shame and remorse in ourselves easily and hastily start doing Tawba (Seek forgiveness and intend never to do again). Those who even do not do Tawba and indulge in such sins, they do not deny these to be sins and their conscience intensely plead themselves guilty and this notion often makes the sinner do Tawba too.

On the other hand, there are sins like pride/arrogance, avarice, jealously, negative notion — sins pertaining to heart, which are inward and are not visible. These are no less in severity. Rather, being neglected and uncaring, our lower-self the nafs becomes quite habituated in practicing these and such sins instill very rapidly into our heart and mind, which results in our spiritual death. Therefore, the severity of these sins are often much intense. Pious looking people even get entrapped in these. The turban, the cap, the clothing – all which are representing us to be a pious would become worthless and a disguise of fraud if the spiritual ailments are serious.

Enormous verses of the Holy Qur’an and AHadith are in front of us warning to refrain from all these spiritual diseases. Several times have Allah Taala pointed out the sin of iblees in the Qur’an, which was nothing, but pride and pompousness. Iblees, the shaytan and devil was expelled from the court of Allah Taala with eternal wrath and curse because of his evil inward thoughts; he declared himself to be superior; we all seek refuge of! O Allah! We seek your Mercy from such violation and transgression!

From AHadith we also come to know how sins like jealously and negative notions toward people would banish our good deeds in moments!

Very unfortunate is, that being far away from the knowledge of Islam and detaching ourselves from the pious scholars, we have today confined our way of life similar to other religion’s people; just a few acts and rituals have become Islam for us. We think that saying prayers five times a day, performing Hajj, giving away Zakaat and attending funerals of relatives and friends are all what have been commanded. We completely neglect and ignore that every aspect of our life consists of the commandments of Allah Taala. The inner values and concepts which we bear in our heart are the key to make our good deeds acceptable in the court of Allah Taala. For instance, if the intention of worshiping Allah Taala or earning wealth (in the halal way) is improper, if the belief and notions inside us do not adhere to what Allah Taala seeks from us, our good deeds indeed worth “no value” and zero return.

The quantity of good deeds would be worthless and the quality is what would be counted as beneficial in the court of Allah Taala. Every Muslim should look into his/her good-deeds in light of Qur’an and Sunnah and for that attach to pious people, only who could guide us in this regard.

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