Short Advice with a Great Meaning

Once Sayiduna Muwawiyah (RA) wrote a letter to the Mother of the Mu’mineen (Believers) — Sayidatuna Aiyshah Siddiqah (RA). He asked for some advice, but in short. The response from the mother of the believers was (meaning) :

“(After conveying Salaam) One who displeases man by pleasing Allah Taala, Allah Taala alone is sufficient for him. And one who displeases Allah Taala by pleasing man, Allah Taala leaves him on the hands of man.  (wassalam)” [Tirmidhi ]

Commentary: Man living in this world often encounter such situations that if he takes on a particular way, Allah Taala’s pleasure could be expected, however, people who are related to the tasks get displeased. If the person fulfills the wish and desires of his associates in such cases, Allah Taala becomes displeased. This Hadith states that if in these circumstances the person chooses which pleases Allah Taala, Allah Taala, Himself would fulfill his servant’s need and requirements; He would support and solve His servant’s problem. On the other hand, if the servant ignores the commandments of Allah Taala and choose whatever his associates and people like him to do, Allah Taala would deprive him of His support and blessing, and He would handover the servant to those people who are indeed also none, but the servants of Allah Taala and all depend on Him regarding every need.

In a nutshell, if a servant wishes that Allah Taala directly assists him in solving all problems and provide all support, the servant should make a principle in his life to seek the pleasure of Allah Taala in every walk of life. In every case, his heart should announce, He is Allah Taala, to whom all my requirements are, I have no requirement to seek from others.

This advice seems very short in length but indeed its meaning and purpose is not less than a book. [Ma’ariful Hadith by Shaikh Mazoor Numani (R) ]

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