Sura Al Asr’s Commentary

Time is passing by; our life is coming to an end.

Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ has warned regarding two opportunities 1. Health and 2. Leisure, which are highly neglected and wasted by us. Negligence by the non-believers (kafir) is not as appalling, as it is for the believers. How come a believer, i.e a person who holds the belief of afterlife and accountability to Allah Taala become so much delinquent? It has become a matter of grave concern and for the treatment of this ailment let us revise on the meaning and commentary of Sur Al-Asr again and again! Because, though this Sura is very concise, its Lesson is so vast and comprehensive that according to Imam Shafe’yee (R)’s words – This Sura alone had been enough for Hidayat (Divine Guidance).

Tafseer of Sura Asr in Urdu

May Allah provide us Tawfeeq (ability)! Here we attach the links of Mufti Taqi Usmani (DB)’s Commentary (Tafseer) on Sura Asr (it is in Urdu).They are not only worth listening, but also very informative and important for every Muslim to know and act upon:

Tafseer Surah Asr – I (Zindagi Maal e Tijaarat Hai)

Tafseer Surah Asr – II (Tableegh Far e Aayn Kab Hai)

Tafseer Surah Asr – III (Sehat Aur Faraaghat Ki Naimat)

Tafseer Surah Asr – IV (Doosro Ko Gunah Se Rokne Ka Ikhtiar)

Tafseer Surah Asr – V (Naseehat Kay Aadaab)

Tafseer Surah Asr – VI(Doosro Ko Gunaho Se Rokne Ki Koshish)

Tafseer Surah Asr – VII (Tableegh Farz e Kifaya Kab Hai)

Tafseer Surah Asr – VIII (Naseehat Asar Rakhti Hai)

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