Reminder and Request

Each of us is a businessman and our life is the capital. Due to the elapse of time our life’s portion is slipping away and we are losing the capital every now and then. For this. it has been stated that all the humans are in loss. Alas! What a message and what a warning that is for man!

Allah Taala has vividly stated the reality of mankind. The irresistible lapse of time thus bears such a big lesson and Allah Taala Swears pointing a great alert to the mankind citing it “…..Innal Insana lafee kusr” – Verily man is in loss (Why Allah Taala Swears that has been explained in the Tafseer’s 1st Part). Allah Taala subsequently mentioned how a human could salvage his life, the most precious capital in possession and thereafter gain profit from it. Similar to a businessman who always calculates his return on the capital, a human should be well concerned of extracting gain from his life.

Shaykh Taqi (db), may Allah Taala reward him abundantly, has interpreted the urge of Holy Verses in lucid words; citing Ahadith and the words, events from the pious predecessors to elucidate the explanation (We again earnestly request to the respected readers to download the lectures from our previous post and listen to those for eternal benefit).

What is it except a vast blessing of Allah Taala that we, who miss the Majlis of such living pious scholars, through Internet could easily get access to such valuable Deeni talks. We should value this bounty with great care. If we meticulously give a thought on this bounty, we shall see that Allah Taala has engaged a group of enthusiastic people at the service of Deen, who not only themselves take benefit from the lectures, but also disseminate those to the rest of the Ummah! May Allah Taala reward them highly (at least we can Pray for them and therefore we should do it)!

Let us look back at us who have great opportunities to download and listen to these valuable talks. How much benefit could we avail through these free of cost but invaluable materials ? Let’s ask ourselves that in our daily life today, how much room do we have for accommodating some Deeni talks – be it listening or conveying(?) [Interestingly, this matter somehow correlates to the lesson of Sura Asr] Whereas, the necessity of listening to the pious scholars in view to attain guidance of Deen (i.e. developing understanding of Deen) is always of utmost importance. And if one emphatically says that this requirement is growing day by day because of the widespread trials and tribulations, it would be quite rational. Even if we are busy, even if we are burdened  with various tasks and responsibilities, request to all Muslim brothers and sisters out there is: Do listen to the Pious Scholars lecture on a regular basis and develop the understanding of Deen; make some time at least in a week to do so. This is the easiest source of attaining knowledge, inspiration, enlightenment, correction, guidance, courage and most of all the Love of Allah and His Rasool ﷺ; just start the practice and see how automatically the good things would be reaped in your hearts and the evils would  depart Inshallah!

Tawfeeq comes for the one who initiate with good intention and starts making effort on the Path of Allah.

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