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Hajj: Part 4

A good company is always useful, important and thus preferable. We should be cautious in choosing our company for Hajj. We should value such a company or group of people whose companionship would be most useful. Assistance of good company would help and guide us accomplish Hajj with spiritual upliftment.

Experienced people as guides are of course beneficial. However, the most valuable company is the company of an experienced pious scholar’s.

We usually highly prioritize the facilities and comfort in a journey. In case of Hajj, we should give the topmost priority of choosing a pious scholar’s company, and value him as the best guide for us throughout this noble Ibadat and journey. If we ignore this point, we open up high risk of making our Hajj invalid and unaccepted even(!) – this happens because of our ignorance and any violation of the mandatory rulings (May Allah forgive us!). During Hajj, one has to encounter various situations and there would be several options for each. Without the guidance of pious scholars, one gets into dilemma about choosing the best option therefrom.

A pious company will gift you an amazing Hajj experience, making difficult tasks easy, adjusting negative situations positively, arousing the thirst of accomplishing more and more good deeds in right way and increasing the love for Allah Taala and His Messenger ﷺ. General people always lose the focus in Ibadat and get carried away with emotions or unlawful-desires, which lead to wrongdoings and sins; pious people helps us bring in back the focus and keeps us safe by directing righteously.

Please choose your group and/ company very carefully.

Luggage is another issue often packed and chosen without much thought. A very heavy luggage is not preferable. However, the necessities should be taken. Ihram (extra 2/3 sets) and regular clothes, all other basic things should be taken. By the grace of Allah Taala nowadays almost all things are available in Makkah and Madina. Therefore, making the luggage heavy by unwisely carrying things is not at all preferable. Take things that might not be instantly available or might be difficult to manage easily, for instance, your regular medicine. Ask experienced wise relatives and friends regarding the size of luggage. Your group should probably have one or two very experienced people – take their advice too. We often overhear negative stories and/ unnecessary issues or useless comments. Remember, all suggestions, advice and/ comments could be listened to (in general), however, all of them should not be accepted. In every matter, value and give priority to suggestions, advice and conclusions of pious experienced Hajees.

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