Afterlife vs Worldly-life

Hazrat Abu Musa رضي الله عنه reports from Rasulullah ﷺ (Meaning): The person who would make dunya (the worldly life) deary and the objective, would surely harm his afterlife. On the other hand, the person who would make the afterlife deary and the objective, would surely harm his dunya (the worldly life). Therefore, instead of the worldly life, you should choose the eternal afterlife and prioritize it. Musnade Ahmad

Explanation: It is clear that, when a person would make the worldly life preferable and aim to achieve it, his actual thoughts would be for this world. As a result, either he would neglect the afterlife completely or he would make very few efforts for the afterlife. Therefore, for sure, the outcome would be – loss in the afterlife.

Similarly, if a person makes the afterlife dear and he aims to achieve it, his actual efforts would surely be for the afterlife and he would not be able to strive for the world as the lovers of the world do. The result would be, he would not be able to hoard dunya (worldly possessi0ns) to a greater extent. Therefore, the believer should choose the afterlife, make it dear and make efforts to achieve it. Because, the afterlife is eternal, whereas, this worldly life is to be ended within a short period.

from Ma’ariful Hadith of Mawlana Manzur Numani (R)

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