Benefits of accepting Taqdeer: Part 2

There is another great benefit when the believer strikes his mind with such thought. He automatically and spontaneously gets engaged in searching the divine support, i.e. doing Dua! Even it is programmed by Allah Taala that if he does Dua, there is help and support for him; on the other hand, if he does not do Dua, there is NO help or support for him. Therefore, Dua should be sincerely and seriously done. Just engaging in Dua is an Ibadat! Dua brings in the blessings of Allah Taala in our life. Dua makes the heart firm and helps the believer to connect with Allah Taala, makes the relationship with Allah Taala much stronger.

As a servant, we should never be ‘overwhelmed’ with worries, rather take the necessary actions mentioned in the Holy Quran and AHadith.

Sayiduna Imran bin Husayn (RA) was a Sahabi, a Noble Companion of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ. This Sahabi (RA) was inflicted by such an illness that it finally confined him to the bed – not for a day, not for a week and not for a year! He was confined to the bed for THIRTY TWO YEARS!!! Such a serious illness he was caught into that his food, his prayers, and all other activities had to be accomplished being lying on the bed. But what an astonishing matter! His face glowed with pleasure and delight, not a single sign of worry and distress was there on his face! What was the mystery? What was the reason for it? A person asked him that although having completely bed-ridden and for such a long time, why was he so delighted always (?) – “What is the reason for your delight?! Why do your face beam in this way, whereas your illness is so intense?”

Sayiduna Imran bin Husayn(RA) informed him that his Sabr (patience) has been accepted by Allah Taala! Because, when he understood that it is the will of Allah Taala that he become bed-ridden, he accepted it happily! Allahu Akbar! This is a real story to be followed! May Allah Taala relieve all our pains and worries and may we all be satisfied whatever Allah Taala decides for us! (Aameen!) This life of the world is sure to end. Ultimate objective is to satisfy Allah Taala.

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