Ramadan for Woman: Part 3 of 3

We request our sisters that they also come forward to solve their own problems; Inshallah for initiating fikr (thoughts) in view to make the advancement of Deen, Allah Taala would open up paths for you; He would make your Mahrams aware too.

There must be some regular Deeni discussions regularly at home. If the women at home take the initiative it becomes much easy. Start doing Taleem at home. Start asking Shariah Rulings (Masala) to the Pious Ulama through your Mahrams. Encourage and help the Mahrams to abide by the commandments of Allah Taala and his Rasulullah ﷺ. Do lots of Dua, act with Sabr for the change of your house; express gratitude that things could have been much worse. Those who have a congenial environment in terms of Deen, should value it greatly, express gratitude (practice Shukr) to Allah Taala and try to advance more and more. There shouldn’t be any contentment regarding Deeni development.

For Ramadan, sisters are requested to make their own routine. Affix a number of voluntary deeds for yourselves. While making the routine, just be careful that the tasks don’t be too much in amount, which may become difficult to accomplish regularly. Affix a regular and minimum amount of Tilawat, Tasbih and Nafl prayer, etc, which could be easily completed considering all other constraints. Dua must be given care at special times, like, Tahajjud and Iftar. Plan and prepare Sahri and Iftar beforehand, so that you could be free during the iftar time for dua, zikr and tilawat. This valuable time shouldn’t be completely passed in preparing Iftar.

Build up a sacrificing mentality in the family members before Ramadan comes (this should be done through Taleem, discussion, consultation and Dua). We can eat and drink less in Ramadan, however, we cannot perform fewer good deeds at this time. Good deeds depend on our Afterlife. And a Muslim can forgo and ignore all, but not the reward of the afterlife, which is absolute and eternal. There should be a firm intention to accomplish more and more good deeds in Ramadan. However, still there must be a limit so that it doesn’t affect other’s rights. For instance, if there is a sick person who needs care, his/her care should be given high priority and that is an Ibadat for sure.

For any sort of special situation or condition (not only in Ramadan, rather always), but best is also to consult the pious Ulama and not act according to what pops up in mind. Sisters are requested to ask private and personal rulings regarding fast and etc. to the pious Ulama through their Mahrams. If a Mahram is not present, you may keep phone numbers of pious Ulama and/or Darul Ifta of Madrasahs in your country or abroad, but don’t neglect to seek proper guidance.

Another very important point for our mothers and sisters is about refraining from sins. We must try utmost to refrain from sins in Ramadan, because, it is the month of attaining and building Taqwa. Most of the sins occur by using the tongue carelessly, which acutely affects the fast. Therefore, unnecessary talks, gossips must be completely avoided. Otherwise, geebat (backbiting) and other grave sins would occur. This advice is equally important for men. Women should avoid and resist quarrels and gossips in the house. Inshallah, this would help all family members to purify their fast and bring down the blessings of Allah Taala. Obeying Allah Taala means to obey His Commands, i.e. to do what He had Ordered to and to refrain from those, which He had asked to refrain from. Ramadan is an opportunity to practice such spiritual exercises to a greater extent. When our body and soul would fast together, there would be a divine taste in the fast. Otherwise, we would only refrain from food, which is partial obedience and may Allah forbid, it (the fast of only avoiding food) may become worthless if we engage in sins defiantly. Our sisters are therefore requested to say a prayer (Salat) in time at home and try their best to protect and preserve their chastity through the veil.

We, the Ummah, have at large fallen behind in practicing Deen. Let us all cooperate with each other to make a comeback and retain the Madina Life of Muslims! It is possible Inshallah. If we can’t see the Muslim Life in our family, let us all make some efforts and let us do some sacrifice and hardship to establish Deen. In the court of Allah Taala, each of our efforts would be counted. We will be highly rewarded Inshallah. O Allah! Give us and all our sisters the ability to make more and more good intentions and make those all true in our life!

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