Ramadan for Woman: Part 1 of 3

Ramadan is a month that comes once a year – few times in a person’s life. However, if one gets this month and utilizes it properly, there is a great reward from Allah Taala for His slave. Therefore, a slave must value the Holy month of Ramadan with the greatest sincerity possible and keep on engaging in more and more Ibadat (worship).

A Muslim Woman, who is the backbone of a family, should seriously care for her Ibadat in this Holy Month. We discuss some important matters especially for our sisters so that they could refresh and prepare for Ramadan effectively.

Firstly, there is no way at all to neglect or ignore a Fard (compulsory) worship. Secondly, in Ramadan, IftarSahri and such other activities are important too, but these should not be any hindrance to TahajjudTilawatTasbihDua and other worships. A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a maid – whoever she is, has her rights and she should plan for an effective Ramadan with the help of her superior (usually a Mahram). All the efforts she makes for the family are NOT excluded from Ibadat, however, direct Ibadat, such as, voluntary SalatTilawatTasbihDua should also be given some time and special attention. If the household works are accompanied by these direct Ibadat, a lot of Noor and Barakah (additional blessings) would be created. The fikr (thoughts) of Aakhirah enlightens if these direct Ibadat are done on a regular basis. Ramadan is the month when Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ has urged to compete with others and act upon good deeds with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Those people, who pay heed to Allah Taala and His Rasul ﷺ’s Words, guide the women of their family properly. They not only teach the women of their family Deen, but also provide their women the support and sympathy they need.

We request the men, who lead the family, to support and help the women to a greater extent in Ramadan. For instance, while women say Tarawih prayer or recite the Quran, their Mahram should take care of the kids or other household works. In fact, throughout the day, a woman has a lot to do at home. But in Ramadan, she must have some special relief from those. Her father, husband, son, brother should help her in this regard. The support type may vary from one family to another, but they (the women) need some support, which their Mahrams could easily provide.

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