Useful Links

The admin has made a categorical list of reliable sites. Many could be added (InshaAllah).

Note: A site may fall under ‘more than one category’ due to its multiple contribution.

Sites worth Reading

Sites on Self Reformation/Tasawuf/Tazkiah:

If you are looking for Question-Answers/Rulings/Masala/Fatawa:

Islamic Sites on Bayan/Lectures/Audio/Video/Nasheed:  (mainly nasheed)

Islamic sites for eBooks:

Islamic Heritage:

Islamic Sites from/for Bangla speaking people:

Islamic Sites publishing News:

Forum on Islamic Issues:

Useful Islamic Sites/links for New Muslims

Biographies of The Pious

Sites on Dua/Supplication

Sites on Dawah/Invitation

Sites enriched with various topics:

Sites in Urdu OR enriched with Urdu Materials

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