The Outcome of Sinning and Good Deed

Extract from a lecture of Mufti Abdur Rauf Sukkharvi (May Allah Taala prolong his shelter upon us):

It is required that we take a lot of care to refrain from sins – both from the external and internal ones; and we have to refrain from all the sins which are going around us. Our actual disease is our sins and its treatment is Tawba and Istegfar, i.e. do Tawba from sins and be caring to refrain from those. Due to committing sins, a lot of harm are being suffered in this life of the world and after death the torment of grave may have to suffered; the grave torment is a definite truth. And for committing sins there is threat of intense suffering on the Day of Resurrection and severe punishment of Jahannam in the afterlife. May Allah Taala, by His Rahmah, forgive us in all these places! May Allah Taala protect us from His punishment at the mentioned places. (Aameen!)

Just as ice freezes and fire burns, the good deeds and bad ones cause their results. Freezing of ice and burning of fire are rightly performed as each causes its respective output. Similarly, good deeds bring in peace & tranquility and sins cause harms & trauma – upright are their respective outputs.

There is a wonderful story in Nujhatul Basatin, which has been narrated by a pious. He says, once while I was doing Tawaf of Baitullah, I noticed a woman praying and mentioning of some promise to Allah Taala I inquired her that of what promise was she asking Allah Taala about – what had happened. The woman then related story:

Once I started off a journey by ship on the sea taking my baby child. With me there was a group of merchants. Our boat faced a storm and it broke into pieces. In one of the pieces my baby and I were alive and on another piece of wood a black habshi was saved. Night passed by on the log of wood. In the morning that habshi saw me and came towards me onto my log. He then started inviting me to commit sin (physically serve him). I said, “O the servant of Allah! Fear Allah! He has saved us. All our companions have died and Allah Taala secured our lives. And how come you – at this moment wish to commit a sin? Don’t you possess the fear of Allah? However, the habshi didn’t pay heed to any of her words; he was absorbed in his evil desires (May Allah save us!) In view to refrain from sin I started disturbing my baby and it started crying. I told the habshi that let me first take care of my baby and make it quiet then we see what could be done. But the habshi would pay no heed to my words; he spread his hands, snatched my baby away from me and threw my infant into the water! When he threw my little one into the water, I got terribly upset. I started calling Allah Taala: O Allah! It is You, Who could save me from this sin and oppression. O Allah! Help me! Provide me support! In the meantime, a giant fierce monster-like being had appeared – swallowed up the habshi and thereafter disappeared into the water. This is how Allah Taala saved me from the evil one. Now I was alone on the log and expressed Shukr (gratitude) to Allah Taala that He had saved me from sinning. Then the water started flowing and it took my log toward a land and stopped there. I found that at it was a place with greenery, consisting of vegetables and water. Therefore, I thought that I would take vegetables and water here and continue dwelling in this place until Allah Taala decides something else. I passed four days there. On the fourth day I saw a ship on the sea. I got up onto a hill and waved a piece of cloth to attract the people on the ship. Allah Taala’s will – they saw me and the boat started drawing towards the land. Three men came rowing on a small boat from it. I then sat with them on the small boat and expressed Allah Taala’s gratitude. When I reached the ship to my surprise I saw that my baby was sitting there! In joy and happiness I became completely uncontrolled and took my baby, started kissing and caring it. One man said to me annoyingly, “Have you gone mad? How come you say that this is your baby?” I told him that yes, it is indeed my baby. Then I related the whole story to them. I told them how the habshi threw my baby into the water and Allah Taala helped me from the habshi’s plot. Listening to my story they became quite surprised. They told me that they also have a very astonishing story. They related: We also came across a very strange incident. We were travelling and the wind was also in our favor. Suddenly a monster appeared before our sailing ship. And we found this baby sitting on its waist. Right after we heard a voice announcing that take this baby with you, or else you will not be able to move forward and would face trouble. Therefore, one man from us went to the monster and received this baby and then the monster disappeared. How could we know that it is your baby!

There are so many lessons to be taken from this story! Lessons of obedience and transgression – good deeds and of evil-doing! The habshi’s firm intention of sinning had resulted in to become the gulp of an animal and Allah knows what thereafter happened to him (as punishment). On the other hand, the woman had the intention to refrain from sins from the very beginning and therefore Allah Taala helped her. Allah Taala saved her life and also her baby’s, protecting her and destined her at a land, arranged food for her there, sent a ship to save her and the people of the ship welcomed her where her baby had been sent in advance. All these happened by the Qudrat of Allah Taala. The one who makes efforts to refrain from sins, Allah Taala helps him at every step in this way. And the one who does not refrain from sins he is caught in the punishment of Allah Taala just as the habshi was.

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