The Baneful Outcome of Obscene, Vulgarity & Shamelessness & Its Way Out – 1

Human beings by nature defy obscenity, vulgarity, and shamelessness. They find these offensive and unacceptable. By birth because of their innate nature, human beings detest and find it immoral to entertain any acts pertaining to vulgarity.

How does a human get corrupted by Obscene, Vulgarity & Shamelessness
The initial stage

When human beings are exposed to violating their natural boundaries, there is the high appeal of lust from evil vices. If this cannot be controlled in the first place and the desire is anyhow satisfied, there is a great threat of spiritual (and maybe physical) deterioration.

The continuation stage

When one entertains his/her nafs (the lower-self), s/he even thinks that this is a very good way to enjoy life! Continuing to feed up this desire in all ways and leaving it untreated leads up to more longing and craving to gratify lustful greed. Consequently, at one stage, individuals choose a fully carefree lifestyle. Without caution and care, fast does this behavior becomes regular malpractice and soon the evil habits grow uncontrollably.

The worst outcome

Masturbation, porn-views, fornication, rape, and all such evildoings become a habit. Individuals find no rest or peace without fulfilling their desires. They become insane in finding ways to satisfy their lust in any possible way. Their evil-yearning requires instant food. Therefore, they rush towards all foul and fetish acts and turn a blind eye to the consciences and warnings from the surrounding. They care none and no reprimand works against their vices. They carry on the evildoings at all costs. Far is the question of abiding by divine law. They indulge themselves so much so into these that vile addictions overpower all of their goodness.

The Result of Shamelessness

When chastity and purity are spoiled through harboring lustful desires, at first, individuals and small groups get corrupted. Gradually, the harm and mischief affect families, societies, and finally a nation.

The outbreak of shamelessness brings terrible consequences. Enormous evildoings, immoral acts, sinful activities, and crimes trigger by the ripple effects.

We do not need to elaborate on the dreadful effect of shamelessness here. Almost everyone except the insane is aware of it!

Impurity, obscenity, nudity, and all vulgarity spoil a human’s natural process of progression both spiritually, mentally, and physically. The far-reaching results impact an individual’s complete life. The filth of thoughts and actions gradually eats up and destroys a soul. Therefore, every good quality connecting to the soul departs! How can Imaan, the most precious asset of all, stay and settle in a heart full of such dirtiness?!

We seek Allah’s refuge! We have to stand firmly against all such evil desires that appeal and invite shamelessness or the ultimate result is the loss of invaluable Imaan.

This article has been published in Monthly IslaminLife Magazine, Jumadal Aakhira Issue 1442 Hijri. 

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