Tawheed: Solution of Life – Part 2

When man views that behind every occurrence of this world there is One Allah Taala’s Hand, man doesn’t care to become friendly or inimical to others. Because his firm belief is, happiness or sorrow whatever is coming into my life has been decreed from Allah Tala. The thing which can be seen as cause is only the means.

“Animosity of enemies and intimacy of friends all are from Allah Taala

Indeed the hearts are in the Hand of Allah Taala.”

In Hadith it is stated, when something occurred which was against will, instead of expressing any sort of complain, Rasulullah ﷺ just used to say (Meaning), “What Allah Taala willed has happened, what He won’t, will not happen.”

Fact is that, to relieve the heart at the moment of sorrow and pain, this is indeed the best treatment ever found!

Imam Gazzali (R) has explained the concept of Tawheed with an example. He told that a man blamed the sword – you have killed me. Sword replied – What had I to do? I was in the hand. Blame the hand. Then the man told the hand (which was holding the sword), you have killed me. Hand exclaimed and said – How can I do so? I had no strength! It was the willingness who controlled me and directed me to fight. The man then accused willingness. Willingness defended by saying, I was instigated and ispired by the Heart. The heart told the man that I am in the control of someone else.

“The Heart of man is between the Two Fingers of Allah Taala (i.e. fully contolled by Allah)”

This is the reality, which is the purpose of Tawheed in terms of good deed. When someone achieves this level of Tawheed, neither does he dare to flatter others, nor does he care other people. He doesn’t fear anyone except Allah Tala. The greed of wealth cannot influence him. He doesn’t even fear death. Sheykh Sadi (R) has explained in this way:

“Under the foot of Mua’h-hid (One who as achieved Tawheed to satisfactory level)

Let go abundance of wealth;

Or let he be crowned with humiliation & disgrace

He will never – in any condition expect from man;

Do never ever forget this piece of teaching of Tawheed”


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