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The Three Graves

One pious man describes, “Once I saw three graves on a high place. In every grave there were some verses written.”

On the first grave it was written: “The person who knows that one day he has to return to Allah Taala- answer for his deeds and would be rewarded or punished accordingly – How can he engage himself in the luxuries of this world?”

On the second grave it was written: “The person who believes that one day death will snatch away all his worldly belongings and all authority and make him a resident of grave – How can such person be absorb in sensual pleasures of this world to such high extent?”

On the third grave it was written: “The person who is well aware that one day it is a must that he has to reach the grave and all his youth, beauty and flesh in the body will disappear, on the reliance of what is he so engrossed in the worldly affairs so lavishly?”

Seeing this the pious man asked a Shaykh about these three graves. The Shaykh told him that those graves are of three brothers. One was a soldier, one a businessman and another was a very pious man. The Shaykh further described:

When the pious man’s death drew near, his two brothers brought a large amount of money and asked him to make Sadaqa. The pious brother replied, I do not need your money for Sadaqa, however, you make a promise to me and I hope you would fulfill the promise. Then he told them, “After my death bury me on a high place and write these verses on my grave.”
The Shaykh continued, “The first verses which you read are on the grave of that pious brother. The noble brother also asked his two brothers to regularly visit his grave – at least once a day. After the death of the noble brother, his two brothers continued to do  so.  On the third day of visiting the grave of the pious man, his two brothers heard a very loud metallic noise. The soldier dreamt the pious brother at the very night and asked, what was that heavy sound in your grave dear brother? The pious brother replied, I was then being asked why I hadn’t helped one needy, when he was being oppressed.

This dream made the soldier very worried. In the morning he called his brother (the business man) and told him that he believes that the verses on their brother’s grave are for teaching great lesson to all. The soldier resigned from his service and absorbed himself completely in the worship of Allah Taala.

Then one day death of the soldier drew near. Upon the news of illness of his brother, the business man met him. He asked his ailing brother for some advice. The soldier replied, I do not have any wealth that I can make a will; however, I request you one thing. Bury me beside our brother and write these verses on my grave. (The Shaykh indicated) You have seen the verses on the second grave – that is the soldier’s. Before the death the soldier requested his brother to visit his grave up to three days regularly and asked him to do dua. After the death of the soldier, the businessman regularly started visiting the grave and on the third day he started weeping beside his brother’s grave. Suddenly he heard a huge sound coming inside the grave. Instantly he returned home very frightened. At night the soldier met his living brother in dreams. The business man asked him, “O dear brother have you come to meet us?” The soldier replied, “Is this the time to meet? I am living in my permanent residence.” The business man asked his brother, “How did Allah Taala receive you?” The soldier replied, “Allah Taala has blessed me with great pleasure. Man achieves great blessing through Tawba.” The businessman asked him, “Where is our pious brother?” The soldier replied, “He is in the place of Pious Imams.” The businessman asked, “What should I do now?” The soldier advised him, “Whatever man sends to the afterlife from the world are received by him after death. Therefore, take this worldly life to be valuable.”

In the morning the business man woke up and made Tawba from all his sins. He then gave away all his wealth and engaged himself in worship completely. His son then took control of the business he had. After some time his death drew near. His son came for advice. He advised his son to bury him near his two uncles and write some verses. (The Shaykh indicated) You have seen the verses on the grave and that is the businessman’s. In addition, the businessman advised his son to visit his grave the consecutive three days after his death and seek forgiveness. After the death of the businessman, his son did so as advised. On the third day of visit, the son heard a loud noise in his father’s grave. At night he dreamt his father. His father advised him, “O Son! You are meeting us soon. However, after death it is not possible that you prepare yourself. Don’t waste time in this world being caught in the trial and tests. Many were making big plans in the world. They had to die before their plans came into reality. All the repentance after death could not benefit them. (Be careful!) Your outcome may not be the same. Therefore O Son! Don’t neglect! Don’t neglect any more!”

Waking up in the morning the son called all family members and told them, I think my time has ended. He paid all debts and gave away the rest of his wealth away. On the third day he faced the Qibla and reciting the Kalima Shahadat he passed away.”

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