The Reason for my Solitude

Taken from Nujhatul Basatin – a Famous Book consisting of Stories of the Freinds of Allah Tala (very beneficial to quench the thirst of the Seekers), written by Shaikh Yafeyee Yameni (R)

One individual came to Shaikh Hasan Basri (R) and informed, “O Abu Sayeed! (Shaikh was called in this name) There is a person in our area, who always remain in solitude. We could not know the reason for his solitude.”

Later – one day, Shaikh Hasan Basri (R) went to the place and asked the man (living in solitude), “I think you like solitude and dislike the company of people; however, what is the reason?” The man replied, “I am always busy with my work, for this reason I cannot meet people.”

Listening to him, Shaikh Hasan Basri (R) said, “In that place lives a man named Hasan Basri – at least you can sometimes go there and meet Hasan.” The man replied, “The reason, for which I cannot meet general people, is the same for which I cannot meet Hasan Basri.” Shaikh Hasan Basri (R) asked him, “What is the work in which you are engaged in?” He answered, “When I open my eyes I see the unlimited bounties of Allah Tala over me, on the other hand, I see my large amount of sins. Then I initate Gratitude towards Allah Tala and seek His forgiveness – engaging in Istegfar. Therefore, I get no time for any other job.”

Listening to the man Shaikh Hasan replied, “O Abdullah (the slave of Allah)! You are wiser than Hasan; be engaged in what you are.”

Note: This state, as of the man in the story, is not permitted for all – i.e. staying a solitude life. Though in many situations solitude is praiseworthy, just as stated in the story. Asking your Spiritual Mentor or an Alim regarding when to do what is important. My Allah Tala guide us!

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