Rabi’ ibne Khusaiym رحمه الله

Whenever his mother would get up from sleep in the middle of the night, she never found boy Rabi’ on the bed. She would get him on the prayer mat. Some times she would see that her son is extending hands, supplicating and sobbing to Allah. Some times she would see that he is completely absorbed in Salat. His mother would call him, “O Dear! Don’t you need some sleep too?” Boy Rabi’ would reply, “He, who has the fear of enemy, could he sleep when the darkness befalls?”

Listening to such words tears would roll down from his mother’s eye and she would heartily pray for her son.

Later when Rabi’ ibne Khusaiym (R) grew up to a young man, so did his Taqwa…When people went to bed at night, Rabi’ (R)’s prayers and tears made his mother unrest. When this continued for long, Rabi’ (R)’s mother once said to her son, “Do tell me dear son! What has happened to you? Had you murdered someone?” Rabi’ (R) replied, “Yes mother! I had slain a life.” The mother said, “Do tell me who that person is(?) If his relatives learn how you undergo hardship at night they would surely be kind to you!” Hearing this, Rabi’ (R) said, “That isn’t necessary because I had killed my own soul. I killed it with the weapon of sin.” (This was definitely his piety!)

This Tabeyee, Rabi’ ibne Khusaiym (R) was a favorite student of Sahabi Sayiduna Abdullah ibne Mas’ud (RA). Sayiduna Abdullah ibne Mas’ud (RA) used to say to Rabi’ (R), “O Abu Yazid! If Rasulullah ﷺ had seen you, he would surely had loved you a lot!” Sayiduna Abdullah ibne Ma’sud (RA) also added, “Every time I see you, I remember the polite and sincere ones!”

When the final moments of Rabi’ ibne Khusaiym (R) drew near, his daughter was sobbing beside him. He consoled his daughter, “O Dear! Why do you cry? Goodness has come to your father!”

From Suwarum-min-Hayatut Tabeyeen

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