Muhammad ibne Wase’ (R): Our Noble Predecessor

A very heart captivating story:

Known as the Zaynul Fuqaha (the ornament of the Fuqaha), A’bed (worshipper) of Basra, the famous Tabeyee [a person fortunate to get the company of the Sahaba (RA) ] Shaykh Muhammad Ibne Wase’ (R) is an Illuminating star in the History of Islam.

He used to sow the spiritual strengths in the Mujahideen of his time, participating with them in various missions of Jihaad. His announcement, “O the soldiers of Allah! Mount on your horses!” used to lift the hearts of the Mujahideen and aroused great inspiration in them to move ahead against the enemies of Islam. Physically not that strong, but with a glaring face and high-spirited Iman, Muhammad ibne Wase’s match was only himself in the battlefield.

Once in one such Jihad, when the battle was violent, a fierce challenger aroused from the enemy side. He invited violently and fiercely and called upon a Muslim Mujahid to fight against him. Such courageous, such bold and aggressive was his urge and invitation, no one dared to move forward! The Muslims become sort of afraid – the combatant was arrogant, fierce-looking.

Came forward the Servant of Allah, Muhammad ibne Wase’ (R), the Tabeyee, a Star in the history Islam.  A reaction overwhelmed the Mujahideen. How could they stand still while their Shaykh Muhammad ibne Wase’ (R) is forward! Shaken with emotion and admiration, walked one mujahid up to the Shaykh. Requested the Shaykh swearing by Allah, that he may be allowed to fight instead of the Shaykh. Muhammad ibne Wase permitted him to fight and bestowed his dua for the mujahid’s victory!

The fierce dual-fight initiated and continued for some time with no result. Then at one moment, each fighter targeted each other’s head. The sharp weapon of the enemy caught hold into the shield of the mujahid and the mujahid’s strike cut the enemy’s head off into two halves! Allah Taala made the Muslims victorious.

With joy and zeal the Muslim leader, Yazeed Ibne Muhallab wanted to see the mujahid and thus enquired, “Who was the heroic mujahid fighter?” The reply came from someone, “He is a man who came out to ba a heroic fighter for the Dua of Muhammad ibne Wase’”.

Translated from Suwarum-min-Hayatit Tabeyeen

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