Imam Abu Hanifa’s رحمه الله wisdom

Once Imam Shafee (R) asked Imam Malek (R), “Did you ever see Imam Abu Hanifa (R)?” Imam Malek (R) answered, “Subhanallah, I never saw such a Scholar like him. By Allah, if Imam Abu Hanifa (R) says that this pillar is made of gold, he will prove it!” Shaikh Numan bin Thabit (R) – well known as Imam Abu Hanifa (R) – this whole Muslim Ummah is indebted to this man to such a higher extent that it is completely beyond our imagination! May Allah Taala’s Eternal Blessing be showered upon him and we may get the ability (Tawfeeq) to get benefit from his noble work much more and more – Ameen!

We are telling a very interesting story of his life. Listen to it – it is very interesting!

Shaikh Abdullah Ibne Mubarak (R) describes [A Great Saint and one of the disciples of Imam Abu Hanifa (R)]: Once I asked Imam Abu Hanifa a Ruling (Masala) regarding a matter. It is that, One person’s 1 dirham got mixed up with another person’s 2 dirhams. Then from those 3 dirhams somehow 2 dirhams got lost. But it was not known which two dirhams were those(?) So how will now be this remaining dirham be distributed between the two persons? Imam Abu Hanifa (R) replied, “Divide the remaining dirham into three parts. Give one part to the person who possessed one dirham and give two parts to the person who possessed two dirhams. Shaikh Ibne Mubarak (R) continues: Later I asked the same question to another Scholar – Ibne Shubruma. He asked me whether I have asked this question to any one else previously. I replied that yes, I asked Imam Abu Hanifa and also told him what Imam Abu Hanifa’s reply. Ibne Shubruma listened to Ibne Mubarak and told him, Imam Abu Hanifa made a mistake. And he then said that, among the lost 3 dirhams, it is certain about 1 lost dirham – it belonged to the person who possessed 2 dirhams. Therefore, the rest of the dirham belonged to both and it must be equally divided between the two persons. Ibne Mubarak (R) continues: I liked this answer and I went to Imam Abu Hanifa (R) to tell him all about it. Imam Abu Hanifa (R) saw me and started relating me what Ibne Shubruma and I had discussed! I (Ibne Mubarak) with great surprise told Imam Abu Hanifa (R) that he was right; such conversation did take place sometime ago between me and Shubruma! Imam Abu Hanifa (R) continued relating to Abdullah Ibne Mubarak (R): My dear brother, the matter is not such. Rather, when the 3 dirhams of two persons got mixed up – each person has established a right on each dirham according to the amount he individually possessed. Therefore, in each dirham, the person to whom 2 dirhams belonged to holds the right of 2/3 i.e. two third. And in each dirham, the person to whom 1 dirham belonged to holds the right of 1/3 i.e. one third. Therefore, when you say two dirhams have lost, it had lost according to their proportions. And the rest of the part will be said to be remained as their partnership amount. Therefore, the person who had 2 dirhams would get 2/3 i.e. two third and the person who had 1 dirham 1/3 i.e. one third. Collected and Translated from the Life of Four Imams by Mawlana Matiur Rahman

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